Keep Quiet: Book 2: A Game of Thrones, April 19

Posted on 21.04.2013


AGameOfThrones2. A Game of Thrones, George R. R. Martin (April 19)
Don’t start with me about my choices. I know how much was left out of the Potter films, so I knew enough to read the books. I’m enjoying the series too much to NOT know what else was written.

I was given a Kindle to take with me to Japan, and it had the Song of Fire and Ice series on it. I thought reading it might make it easier for me to attack my next Shakespeare, which is the Henry VI trilogy. I think I should read it with the Richard play, since it’s all about the War of the Roses. Anyway, I read this book in about a week (flying, at night when I couldn’t sleep, and then flying back) and was happy to read that the first season of the show was pretty close to the first book. We’ll see how close the second book is to the second season, as I’m on that one now:)

These are super easy reading. Much easier than I was expecting, actually. I’m not sure how I feel about the 3rd person/POV writing style, but it’s ok. There are some characters I wish were written, and others I am kind of wishing I didn’t have to read. Otherwise, an easy book to get lost in.

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