Finishing up Germany

Posted on 03.04.2013


I know I’ve been totally MIA lately, but honestly, if I could count all of the places I had physically been in, it would be a very high number, and it’s too much to keep track of, and quite honestly, as I was just saying to my friend on the street the other day, I really, really enjoy the fact that at this moment in time, most people have NO idea where I am standing (or laying, if you must know).

So please be content NOT to know, and to just know that I am very  mobile. I will say I’ll be in Japan on Saturday, and that will be the place I’ll be in the longest until mid-may. I’ll be there for a little more than a week. That is awesome to say. On SO many levels. The dream to ‘travel the world’ is officially underway, and I am happy to be making my own dream come true, since I can’t expect anyone else to do it for me.


Pool Balls, Münster

So before I left Germany, I made good on a plan and finished up a country with more than one Claes sculpture. Germany is the country with the MOST Claes sculptures (once you are away from the behemoth that is the US), and as I’m not planning any trips back in the near future (there are too many other places to see), I wanted to get the ones I’d had some issues getting to done. I saw the final two in Krefeld and Münster (pictured left) on the same day, although the weather might look different, which it was! They were not too far apart, and it was easy to get the two done on one day. I am now on to number 19. There are only 44 ‘public’ ones, unless I find out about more. I am almost half way done.

I have technically already finished two countries: both France and Japan only have ONE sculpture each, but that’s not too hard to do. Germany has eight. After this, I’m looking at the Netherlands, Italy and Spain. I only have one more to see in the Netherlands, one more in Italy, and two in Spain. Awesome, and easy to plan since I have friends in all of those places!! YES.


Cross Section of a Toothbrush, Krefeld

Now that I’m planning to call the US home for long enough to decide if I want to be there or not, I’m going to turn my focus to that country. There are PLENTY left to see over there, and while I’m sure I’ll have to take some time to do them, I am happy to say that being something like purposefully unemployed (as I am now) will definitely make the trips easier to take. It will also mean that I don’t necessarily NEED to take a long vacation for a while, which I am looking forward to, now that Japan is a yearly thing. Even though I was working very hard in Germany, it always felt a lot like vacation.

I am about to embark on a ridiculous trip across the US, and I am SO excited to do it. There’s a Christo sculpture going up in August in Colorado, and I will make the trip to it fun and full of art (and friends)!.

Thanks for a great 3.5 years, Germany. I will come back one day, on my own account, and with plenty of things figured out. And wherever I go, that is where I’ll be.

In the meantime, I will look for jobs, enjoy the time off, and go everywhere and do everything.

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