Before I go back to sleeping the day away: Book 1 of 2013: The Invisible Man

Posted on 21.03.2013


the cover of my book is way cooler, but can't be found online.

the cover of my book is way cooler, but can’t be found online.

And because I’m tired, this probably won’t be a long post.

But FINALLY: I can write this:
1. Invisible Man, Ralph Ellison (March 21)
It took me nearly three months to get through this book. It wasn’t for lack of trying, I think we can all agree that I had some serious things to deal with that required more of my attention. But I finally pushed my way through it, thanks to a long plan ride to the states and some down time during bouts of jetlag/insomnia.

I picked up this book as one of the contenders for my US Cultural Studies course. It was banned in some schools in the states, and is named by our president as one of his favorite books. I thought it would be good to use, since there was an election, and it handles some of the race issues prevalent in the states. I ended up using Huck Finn thanks to some amazing shows of modern racism in Twitter upon the announcement of the election results, but still had this book. And as I DO happen to like our commander-in-chief, I was interested to read the book.

It was kind of slow starting, and a bit grueling at parts, but was overall a good one. It gave me, a mostly caucasian female, a new, different and rather outspoken POV that I hadn’t seen before, which was nice. It wouldn’t have worked for my course, but was still a great read. It felt like it moved really slowly most of the time, and then some parts went by so quickly, I had to go back and re-read them to find out if I’d missed something (like a key character’s death). There was also a TON of prose and stream of conscious going on, which made it hard to follow sometimes.

I realized in this book that I often have trouble remembering WHO is WHO in the peripheral characters. This is going to be a major issue for my Henry plays from Shakespeare, which are next on the list. I might have to get some magazines and cut out some faces to give myself mental images to hold onto, or I might start to get people confused.

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