Final snows of winter, hopefully, and getting stuff done

Posted on 26.02.2013


On an ENTIRELY unrelated note, I’d like to say that for 2011, I gave up ‘reading celebrity gossip’ because I wanted to be more productive and have my mind available for more important shit, like getting better at a foreign language (which was not so foreign since I live in that country) and reading more books. It has been really rewarding as I’ve never gone back, and my life is really better for it. This morning, I saw a headline on a website with a photo that looked like it had Kim and Kanye having sex. It was about the two most vapid people alive (now that Heidi and Spencer are near nonexistent) posing nude for a photo shoot.

Honestly. WHO GIVES A SHIT about these people? It’s really frustrating that there are people I know who can tell me a Kardashian’s full list of recent boyfriends and husbands, but can’t tell me what happened between the Tutsis and the Hutus, re: Belgium finally pulling out of their country.


photo 2It was snowing all weekend, and I guess we all thought it would stop by Monday, but that was wrong. We woke up to that photo on the left. As you can see, since there’s a lot of snow and cold weather, in the winter we can leave things out on the balcony to stay cold rather than taking up space in the fridge. Totally great to be on an upper floor:) This was a funny thing to see in the morning, and I laughed. Thankfully it’s all just alcohol out there right now:) My copaxone was out there a few weeks ago, but I brought it in once we had a warm spell and everything thawed.

An added upside to all of this snow was that it was SO heavy, the construction men couldn’t work yesterday, so we could sleep past 7. I normally wake up around then anyway, but other members of the apartment get annoyed at this, so it was nice to not hear any complaints about it.

So yesterday (and Mondays in general, from now until at least May 12) was a day off for me, but this yesterday included some freelance and a funny thing happened. Freelance has popped up lately and I’m thankful for it, since it means ‘more money than I budgeted for’, and I always like that. As you may or may not have known, Inlingua asked me to do some photos for them in the fall for their new website and also for their flyers. I did headshots of everyone working at the office and then went out and took some EXCELLENT shots of Würzburg, which have now been published. I’m pleased with that.

As it turns out, the OTHER Inlingua offices needed photos of their workers, too, so that’s what I was doing yesterday for them. I call it freelance, but it’s a part of my contract as well, since they hired me knowing I’m a photographer.

So I could have caught a ride in to the office yesterday morning with my boss (it’s about 35 minutes away) waaay early and then sat there waiting for the workers to come in around 2, but that wasn’t a great idea so I decided to take the train. I would have been at the office for almost 8 hours, to do about 3 or 4 hours of work. No bueno. I had some things to do in the morning, so taking the train seemed like the better idea.

The train was a fail of Epic proportions, because I got on the wrong one that left a minute sooner. Going in the opposite direction. I got on that train at 12:30, should have been to the office by 1:15, instead got there at 2:45. Just… holy shit. I take the train OFTEN, and I messed this up. What made it even worse was that these trains were the trains in the middle of the day, which school children were taking home after a half day. So I was on four trains full of unsupervised children. After having taken Benadryl the night before, I was a bit groggy and not feeling great, and these four trains made me happy I had my tube tied. Ugh, kids. I’m not sure when I’ll ever want them.

I got to the office and shot the photos, and then spent the next two hours editing and waiting for my boss to be finished so I could shoot her photos again. It was easy enough work, and I’m always happy to do it. The lack of professional lighting tools doesn’t bother me too much, as I know how to shoot well without them, and no one wants their pores on the internet, anyway.

Since today is mostly a day off as well, I’ll finish the photos and the other freelance, which is just some proofreading. All easy enough to do from the comfort of the living room, so awesome. I want to get as much done as I can before NEXT Monday gets here, as we begin a 30-Day Challenge over on FitFreedom and I want to be ready for that:) I’m excited for it, and today I’m going swimming as my ‘day t-5’ or whatever before March begins, even though we begin on March 4 (Monday).


As a totally unrelated aside, it appears that MOG finally took down all of the writing that any of us did for them, so I can no longer access my Calling Out of Context series. Thankfully, I kept all of the word docs, so I just need to pull them off of the XHD to post them. That’ll happen, in time. For now, bigger fish to fry. But they’ll be back, in all their glory! That was a fun project, I’m glad I got to do it.

Happy Monday and hopefully end of winter!

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