265 down…

Posted on 18.02.2013


photoI am SO far ahead of schedule right now, and I don’t intend to stop. I have a deadline of January 20 2014, yes, but I also have smaller goals, such as ‘finish this box of paper off by the time I get on a plane to the states in less than a month’, since I have about 300 sheets of origami paper waiting for me there, too! So if I can carry back FINISHED cranes, pressed and folded, that would be excellent.

My trip to Paris got me pretty far; I did about 50 on the train going there. Before that, it was sheer excitement over finding the good stuff in a box before sending it off to the states. I knocked out 15 today so far, and it’s helped that I can fold while watching movies or tv shows, or listening to music.

I’ve run into a bit of an issue: all of my old course folders, which I’m using to hold the cranes now that I have less classes, are full. So at the moment there are two possibilities: press the HELL out of them to get the cranes to lay down flatter, and therefore fit more (they currently hold 25 each, but could hold 50 if they flattened out), or buy more folders. I’m ok with either option, but I’ll wait til tomorrow to see if the pressing has worked.

But I’m excited to say that on a day when I should be at 190, I’m at 265! I am over 25% finished!! I will try to keep it up:) Even if it means my reading is suffering, which it certainly is. I’m still working on The Invisible Man, and it’s finally getting good. I alternated between folding and reading on the 6-hour trip:)

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