Seen in Paris: Harold Muñoz

Posted on 17.02.2013


Screen Shot 2013-02-17 at 15.56.28I saw Harold’s work while in Paris, attending Matt Rota’s opening at the same gallery. It wasn’t a part of the show, or even the main room, but rather in a back room that you could see from the front.

I imagine my initial thoughts were the same as those of many: I thought at first it was just a large photograph. Then I got closer, and had a look at the model’s eyelashes, and realized this wasn’t a photo, or even a digital image, but rather a painting. It’s the type of realism I could never achieve.

After a tour of his work and watching a video, it’s clear he’s got talent. And patience. It’s not the type of work I could ever bring myself to work on for so long, but it is really brilliant to see, and rare of modern artists.

Have a look at his work if you’re a fan of realism. I’m not a huge fan of realism, but love his work regardless. It’s gorgeous. Not just the models, I mean the technique.

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