Make that 140 down…

Posted on 11.02.2013


I had to go through my boxes for the final time before shipment to the states next week. I had a list of things I needed to pull out, just in case the boxes didn’t arrive before my trip to Japan. I also had in mind that I had some origami paper in one of the boxes, but wasn’t sure if I’d come across it, since all of the things on my list were made of fabric and wearable. I JUST went online a few days ago and ordered a literal TON of origami paper from an online distributor, but seeing as how I need at least 800 more sheets of paper, the more the merrier…

Thankfully, I ended up going through just about all of the boxes, in order to find a pair of shoes I wanted to bring with me to Japan (which sadly remain UNfound), and because of this I stumbled across my origami paper! All 300 sheets of it!!

photo 1-1And now, 40 cranes and 4 days later (I upped the average, excellent:), I have some insight to share: OMG, real origami paper is FAR superior to regular paper printed with nice prints that is often used for origami.

The paper I found is the good stuff I bought in Japan, which has almost a fiber weave to it, real silk screening on the decoration side, and an actual texture. Think about the difference your fingers feel between hand-made paper and printer or copy paper, that is what I am talking about.

My origami paper from Japan was SO much easier to fold, and actually made folding FUN, rather than a chore. I know I’ve still got to work with the less-impressive paper I also bought in Japan next, but wow, the 40 I folded in the past two days have been like a vacation for my fingers.

photo 2I know this is hard to understand if you’re not someone who LOVES paper like I do (I imagine being a graphic design and photo major in the early oughts has done that to just about everyone around my age), but if you ever get a chance to touch some real Chiyogami paper, please do it. Your fingers will thank you. Folding this paper, I remembered EXACTLY why I bought the stationery I have now… it just feels so good, you don’t want to put it down.

I said this about something completely unrelated recently, and it needs to be said to the world: I wish my hands had the memory that my eyes do. The memory my hands and fingers have is close, but nothing compared to my eyes. And this type of paper (and the feel of certain other things)  makes me want to somehow train that hand and finger memory to be better. Because I don’t want to forget how it feels.

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