Got rid of the iTunes listen list, gained a Spotify playlist…

Posted on 11.02.2013


As I mentioned in a previous post, I was trying REALLY hard to get through a long list of artists and albums I’d been told by many different friends to check out. I got through the major parts of it, but there was one album that I couldn’t decide how I felt about, and I couldn’t move past it.

Screen Shot 2013-02-11 at 18.10.06That’s when I remembered that my Spotify invitation was still good, and it recently came to Germany. So I got onto Spotify and made an account, FINALLY, and with that, added the remaining bands on my list to a playlist to check out. If I like them, they stay on til I buy them. If I don’t, deleted into oblivion for someone else to love.

I read an interesting statistic the other day, it said that only 20% of the music available on iTunes gets purchased and downloaded. Ain’t that JUST how it goes. The entire world full of available music, but only 20% gets any attention. Amazing, that.


In other news, and to show exactly how to-the-point I’m being with my goals, today I haven’t left bed except to bake something that ended up not agreeing with me. This has been awesome, because I’ve made about 30 cranes today, purchased my re-up for TEFL certification, and already got through two modules and the first test. Excellent!

In between this, I’ve watched a few episodes of the amazingly crazy Kaasan: Mom’s Life cartoon that I caught while in Japan. Sadly the subtitled version isn’t nearly as hysterical as the dubbed version, but I’ll survive.

Granted, not leaving bed means I haven’t gone running. But as I’m going swimming tomorrow and will spend Thursday – Saturday walking around PARIS, I don’t think we’ll be at a loss for fitness this week.


In other news, the Mamiya has been repaired (to the tune of FAR too much cash) and I’ll have it with me in Paris. That’s effing excellent, and I can’t wait to shoot the hell out of Valentine’s day in that town.

That’s about all for now. Happy Monday!

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