Added to the music page: The Limousines

Posted on 09.02.2013


Talk about an accidental find… I heard these guys at the Sounds concert I went to last year. They were the openers, just after a DJ. Normally I’m not a fan of the opening bands. Not on principle, just lots of practice. I hardly EVER catch anything amazing while waiting for someone else to come on. I can’t be the only one.

So then these absolute KIDS get on stage, and there’s just three of them… a lead with a guitar, a drummer, and number three is behind him with a powerbook. Seriously. I’m not sure if I rolled my eyes or not, but there’s a huge chance I did.

They started playing, and it was mildly interesting. I think I’d already made up my mind about them, but then I was finally able to tune in and listen to the lyrics, and then I started to enjoy them. A lot.

I think Very Busy People caught me initially and made me laugh a bit, but then the songs that REALLY got me, which I had to go home and listen to again online, were The FutureDancing at her Funeral, and my absolute favorite (now) Wildfires. I dare you to check out these songs and not like them, at least just a little.

Yeah, they’re young, and the subject matter is a little young (but not Fall Out Boy or 98 Degrees ‘young’, there are some things I WON’T do), but they are seriously catchy, and at least they have a sense of humor about themselves. Here’s hoping album two solidifies the deal.

Here’s a video for you to decide for yourself. I’d normally give you Wildfires, but thanks to GEMA laws in Germany, I can’t. So here’s The Future. I watched Sinister last night, so a bunch of shots of people dying isn’t as upsetting as usual this morning.

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