100 down, 900 to go…

Posted on 07.02.2013


Here we are on day 25, and I have completed 100 cranes. This means I’ve missed five days of folding somehow, somewhere, at my rate of 5 per day, and I seem to remember being really, really busy a few weeks ago, and not having any time OR energy to get even 5 a day completed. It’s all good, I’m still doing well enough:) I can’t believe it’s been 25 days since I started, but apparently it has.

154850_599168275620_1813847323_nHonestly, I expected to be able to say something by now about meditation, or big ideas I’ve come up with while folding, or anything like that. I can’t do that yet, although I do kind of get into a groove when I’m folding. I’ve gotten faster at it. They’re getting better, and more consistent. I’m enjoying myself, that’s for sure. But no big ideas while folding, at least, not yet.

I get into a groove like I do when I’m running, so I know the thoughts are coming. Right now it takes me about 20 minutes to make 5, and I do them pretty much without thinking about it at this point. Practice certainly does make perfect, in this respect, and I’m enjoying getting close to perfect!

I can’t wait to get to Japan and buy myself some excellent origami paper. The stuff here is really basic and I’m bored with the patterns already. I’m strongly considering ordering a batch online just for some variety!! I think, too, I’m going to save one sheet of each of my favorites, for another art project I’ve had in mind for some time. I can scan the patterns once I’ve got the scanner back, and that will be excellent. Can’t wait to start that one, after these are done!!

This week feels really important, somehow. I mean, these 7 days before Monday, or even before tomorrow, when my final busy week of work is completed. It’s pretty much over after today, since today is my last ‘big’ class. Every day this week has felt like coming to a finish line, with a big celebratory trip at the end next week! Things are really starting to wind down and I’m enjoying that feeling, as it’s really time for a break, and not just an MS-induced one.

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