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Posted on 22.01.2013


iamamiwhoami21. iamamiwhoami, Kin (2012)

I honestly can’t remember WHERE I heard her first, but after recommending her to multiple friends, downloading, and converting videos to MP3 for all I COULDN’T find on iTunes, I think I can safely say she’s one of the better things I found in 2012. Just at the end, of course, since we save the best for last, right?

So this is apparently a ‘project’ from Jonna Lee and her producer, and they’ve got their ownyoutube page where you can see all of the excellent, haunting videos they’ve produced to go with this most excellent music.

I can’t remember if it was Clump or Sever that I heard first, but regardless, they stick in my mind as my two favorites, even after having been through everything else. As an artist and film lover, I’m in love with the videos and how representative they are, while still bordering on the nonsensical. They remind me of Matthew Barney’s work, honestly.

Definitely check them out (and love them) if you’re a fan of Swedish electronic, since I’d say they fall pretty soundly into that genre without being TOO stereotypical. And now I must go check out everything Jonna Lee. Because we know that’s where this is leading…

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