Day one of 200, maybe 250

Posted on 12.01.2013


For my first post of 2013, I’m going to tell you about another little goal I set for myself. This one came a few days AFTER the turn of the year, while I was lying awake far too early one morning.

tumblr_lj4zawPNRF1qfpqj5o1_500I’ve always wanted to make a thousand paper cranes. It was something I learned about a few years ago and have wanted to do since then, but could never find the time.

So I made the decision that morning, while laying awake, to do it. Why? Because I did the math: if I make 4 paper cranes each day, it will take 250 days to complete. If I make 5 cranes per day, it will take 200 days.

Either one of those are doable.

Yesterday on my way back from work, I picked up 3 packs of origami paper, 150 soon-to-be cranes. And yesterday between classes, I made 9. 5 first, then another 4 later. I gave one to my 10-year old student, and showed her how to make one, too. So I will make at least 6 today.

I’m going to keep this in multiples of 5, so it’s easier for me to remember how many I’ve done, or still have to do. And as long as I keep to at least 5 each day, I’ll hit my goal of finishing them before the year is up. One of the major points of the thousand cranes is that they have to be completed within ONE year by the person who started them. So I can’t take any help, and I have to finish them in a year.

photoI am so excited to do this. And I think I’ve set this to be a somewhat reasonable and doable goal. I just have to make sure to buy at least as much paper as I need when I’m in Japan, since they have the good stuff:) And it’ll be easy enough to find there, unlike it often is everywhere else.

So pictured here on the left are the first five that I made yesterday. I’m not sure if I’ll photograph them every day, but I might make a shot every few days, just to post and track the progress.

So as it stands this morning, I made 9 on my first day (11 if you count the ones I gave away), and will make at least 6 today:)

Wish me luck:)

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