Into 2013

Posted on 29.12.2012


CoastAs the days of 2012 dwindle down and I relish in my vacation time away from Wu, it only seems appropriate to FINALLY commit all of the goals I’ve been contemplating for 2013 to… not paper. To digital. To the blog. To the world? I’m officially holding myself accountable by posting them here for everyone to see, and that’s dangerous if I’m not 100% serious about the things I put below.

I’ve given these a lot of thought, and understand that a few of them are goals I didn’t manage to reach for 2012. So I’m hoping that this year, I’ll be more successful than last year. A few goals are mere continuations of last year, things that I AM currently doing and would like to continue doing.

I’m listing these in order from ‘current’ to ‘maybe impossible’.

Things to keep doing:
~ Not biting my nails

~ going with FitFreedom and my personal fitness/health

~ reading: goal: to read more than in 2012. Which shouldn’t be too hard. But I need to get further with those Shakespeare books that are sitting on my shelf, that’s for sure…

pushing to be MORE GFDF: I’ve been lazy the past few weeks/months, and I can feel it. I need to stop that.

Things to do (new/new-ish):
~ Be financially responsible : This will be important with moving back to the states, getting ‘started’ again and ‘on my feet’, although I don’t necessarily feel like I’m down at all. I just need to remember to be responsible. It’s a reminder more than anything else.

Start adding to my retirement account again: Important since I’ll be back to working for a livable amount of pay. Goes right along with being responsible.

First thing I eat every day will NOT be junk: It was easy to leave the house without eating breakfast as a teacher, but I’m going to move to make sure that the first thing I eat every day is healthy and good for me, rather than junk food. Or nothing at all.

Get back to training, and work towards Nidan: I’ve been out of training since about June, due to the heat, then an operation, then too much work, and then not feeling well due to being out of shape. It’s time to get out of all of that and back to a regimen, and to move forward in my training and growth.

Start to REALLY learn Japanese: This one fell to the wayside last year due to poor planning. I won’t let it happen again this year.

Finish with my TEFL certification: Because Japan is still in my mind, and it would be good to have, and easy to do. Just have to finish it already. I’m thinking this is my plan for January and February, when my teaching hours are down. Way down.

And the things that I really, really need to do, and stop talking about doing:
~ Make myself a damn website already. No, really. And use MUSE to do it. Which means also paying to USE MUSE. Learn Muse making my site, then:

Make my sister’s damn website already. I’ve been talking about it for far too long and she’s been amazingly patient.

Write and publish a short story: Because I already have a few written, and maybe I can get one published. Not on my blog.

Write, publish, illustrate a children’s book: There are a few of these in the works already. I just need to get in and finish them.

I know there’s a lot here, but it seems to me that there are only really a few that really require some serious work. I’m going to try to plan out the year accordingly, for what I can do when. For what is possible when. I’m not going to plan too much, since plans tend to change. But I can have some good ideas.

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