I’ve been lax on the outfits… but I was taking photos!

Posted on 06.12.2012


I know I haven’t posted many outfits lately, but it hasn’t  been for lack of trying: I’ve been having a HUGE issue with daylight and metallic surfaces! I can’t get anyone to take a photo of me before I leave for work in the mornings, since we don’t have any daylight when that happens and the lighting indoors SUCKS, but then once I’m out, there are the elements to deal with, classes to teach, and then the issue of many things LOOKING like they’re made of metal, but not actually being made of metal, which means I have nowhere to stick the tripod to take a photo of the outfits!!!

So in this post, you’ll see a lot of interesting angles, as I’ve been figuring out where I can take photos and from WHAT!

DSCN4867First thing’s first, and you can see how long ago I took this photo based on the fact that there are still colorful leaves on the ground, that was like a month ago! First thing: here’s my new jacket. I love it.

It’s black wool, simple, with a shawl collar and as you can see from the side image, some nice gathering in the back that is rather flattering when you already have an ass. I think it’s super feminine and a nice addition to a mostly dark wardrobe. But another thing that I really, really like about it is that, as you can see in the left image, when I’m wearing shorts or a mini dress, you get a lot of leg. Which I like to highlight by wearing excellent tights, like the ones you can see there:)

So, here’s my jacket. I got it on super discount a few days before the big ‘jacket buying Sunday’ that happens here, because I didn’t want to fight the crowds. It is still so shocking to me that the stores here can’t be open on Sundays…

DSCN4886Next up is the turquoise sweater c/o Benetton. I’m a little wary of wearing SO much of a lovely color, mostly because I’m convinced it might not look as good on me as I think it does. I’m lucky that my eyes are blue, or it might not be AS awesome.

Here you have me at the University, down the ‘smoker’s hall’, right by an exit. I was taking photos using the lockers, but too many students were walking by and since I’m a professor, I’d like to maintain at least a small shred of my dignity, although I have made both of my classes laugh at my expense many times already. On purpose. It’s how they end up liking me;)

After a few conversations back and forth with Corrie about this sweater (along with a vote from overseas friends about whether or not it should be bought in the first place), I decided to pair it with my herringbone blazer (you will see a lot of that in this post), tights with an oriental-inspired checked pattern, and the vegan Lita shoes. I’d say it was mostly successful, although I did end up pairing the sweater with a patterned top later on. I didn’t get photos of that, since I was in England and didn’t have a lot of time, or loads of inclinations to take photos.

DSCN5082I love how all you’re going to see is me in a variety of offices.

I’d like to state that this might be the first, maybe second time wearing this fuchsia top since I bought it LAST November. I ended up being annoyed with the slightly boxy cut, so I had to alter it before I could wear it. And here it is, and OMG it’s bright, and I love it.

I put it on with the dusty blue (5-Euro) skirt from two years ago and the geometric tights again. And leg warmers, since that’s the season we’re in. You can see me holding something in this photo: that’s the scarf I wore with the outfit, but when I take photos with the scarves on, you don’t get to see jewelry, so I am holding it here. It was a perfect match, I thought, and I wasn’t about to challenge the bright pink with another color.

I also picked up this bolero a while back, to toss over all of my dresses so I could wear them in the winter. Totally worth the 10-E I spent on it.You’ll be seeing a lot more of that in the coming months…

DSCN5132In the space between that last photo and this one, I made my FINAL clothes trade-off with my boxes. Why was it the final? Well, because the boxes got taped up, and labeled, and will be getting shipped back to Stephanie sometime this month. So whatever I have now is what I’ve got to work with for the next three months, for reals.

I technically thought that was the case a month or two ago, and then realized how many things I wasn’t using, or couldn’t use (thanks to the weight gain that happened since the surgery), etc… so I made a few drop-offs and took a few things out, this blue summer dress being one of them. It’s working well for the winter under the blazer and over tights, wouldn’t you agree?

I’m rocking it with the warm, cable-knit tights here, because of the herringbone print of the blazer, and that was a nice pairing, since they are kind of close in color and line. As you can see, the Vegan Litas are getting a LOT of play this winter!

This was the day I went and got my hair done… so the following photos will show darker hair, different cut, etc etc etc. Do you like how every outfit has something of the last one? That was a happy accident. Although I am enjoying TRYING to do it these days!

DSCN5152Wow, that blazer, eh? It’s really helping a LOT of outfits this season…

Pictured here is a semi-transparent houndstooth printed top (over a black cami), under a herringbone blazer. I was SO proud of this mix. It was actually pretty subtle, and I loved it. Also shown are my new-ish red leggings, which I had to purchase to account for the extra 3 inches I found on my hips! You can follow my measurements falling on the fitness website, fyi:)

I’m standing in YET another office, this a meeting room at a company where many of us teach English. And today, I had the help of a coworker for the photos, since there was effectively NOTHING metal in this room that I could stick the camera and gorilla pod to. And because of that, you get a laugh out of me. Teaching is much more fun when done in groups. Seriously.

DSCN5144To add to that, when other people are taking the photos, I actually smile! I should carry an assistant with me everywhere so I can get great photos like this one.

I asked for this one to be taken so you (and me, too) could see what I had done to my hair. I have never dyed my hair before, and this is a first for me. I wanted something different, and fun, so I opted for a more natural-looking ombré dye on my tips. But to do this, I had to also have a ‘color refresher’ done on the rest of my hair, which means a color-heavy condition treatment that will last for a few weeks and eventually fade back to my normal color. As that happens, the lighter shade of brown (yes, I just went there) at the tips will come out a little stronger, too.

It’s really odd to look in the mirror and see a) darker hair and b) no greys. It is disconcerting. And I think I like my lighter shade better, honestly. We’ll see what happens as the refresh fades. Overall, though, I’m very happy with the cut!

DSCN5163And finally: the ‘happy birthday to me’ dress. I went slightly apeshit over it when I found it online. I’d been looking for a decent dress to wear to work that would go from season to season without too much fuss when I came across this one, and there is just so much I love about it!! The color, the flowers on the sides… and most of all, the fact that the entire dress is printed with what looks to be a ‘canvas’ print, which makes the flowers (already look hand-painted) look like they are sitting on a canvas. It is SO sweet and badass at the same time.

I wore it with the checked tights and my knee-highs, and also for class, I wore a long black sweater over it in case the rooms were cold. It was perfect for the snowy day we had today, in which nothing stuck, but the sky was full of tiny white flakes…


Finally, done with the outfits. I will wear something lame tomorrow, just so I don’t feel inclined to take a photo of it… 😉 hahah! Thanks for looking! Happy Friday:)


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