Calling out of Context #9: Gin and Juice Edition

Posted on 28.10.2012


What is “Gin & Juice” really about?

I actually researched this just to make sure that the obvious answer is, in fact, the right one. And it is. The song pays homage to Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre’s love of Gin. Specifically Seagram’s and Tanqueray. Mixed with Juice.

What kind of juice, you ask? That part is unclear from a review of the song’s lyrics. I have heard (and read) that you can mix just about ANY kind of juice with gin in order to make things interesting (and to make the gin last a little longer). Favorites amongst my gin-loving friends are grapefruit juice, lime, and pineapple juice. I’d like to take a shot here and bet that our man Snoop is a pineapple man.

The story in “Gin & Juice” unfolds in a pretty regular fashion: Snoop makes some money, then people come over to his place since his mom’s not home. I guess she’s out late tonight or something. The video makes it look like moms is out on a date that appears to end poorly.

At this point in the song, though, our young hero could possibly be having or have already had sex with some womens that were in the living room gettin’ it on. Apparently they plan to stay until at least 6 in the morning.

In chapter two, Snoop pulls out some Seagram’s gin (product placement #1) and everyone pulls out their cups, but no one has chipped in (funds for the booze). Not cool, guys, not cool. Snoop is not pleased and declines to share his alcohol with those mooches.

Later on that day (and by day, we definitely mean evening) our homie Dr. Dre came through with some Tanqueray (Gin, product placement #2) AND some effing effective weed, or ‘bubonic chronic’, per Snoop. Oh yeah, he’s effed up now. And of course, as per the norm in mid-90’s rap music (setting the precedent for at LEAST the next 10-15 years), Dre rolled in with some ho’s to serve Snoop. No really, it’s there in the lyrics. So after he gets off (we are led to assume this is the case), he jumps up and peaces out to roll down the street smokin’ indo (marijuana, specifically modern crossbreeds of Indonesian — hence, “Indo” — and indica strains) and sip on some Gin & Juice. With his mind on his money, and his money on his mind.

As a gin drinker, I can tell you that Campari and Gin is NOT to be trusted. Or even really enjoyed. When in Rome, do NOT do as the Romans do on this one, seemingly innocent case. Just trust last weekend’s bad decision and me.

I personally prefer my (Bombay Sapphire) gin in a dirty or regular martini. I fell in love with the dirty martini one summer night after giving a performance at a charity event. I was already hammered (a must when you have to perform in front of professional peers who may be interested in hiring you) and my friend LD ordered up two dirty martinis at the bar we hit afterwards. It was my first one, and when it came, I spent nearly 10 minutes staring at, no, OGLING the way in which the vermouth fluttered around the glass and mixed with the tiny, melting shards of ice. It reminded me of summer days spent cliff jumping in the local reservoir (highly illegal), when you stood on the beach just inside the water’s edge and the sand and sediment swirled around your feet in a pattern that looked like tiny, glittery… um, glitter.

As I said, I was already hammered when this went down. I proceeded to get even more hammered as the night went on with my new friends Martini & Rossi.

In Snoop’s case, though, he’s sober when the song starts. He spends the rest of the song partying with his people and drinking. And mackin’ to a bitch named Sadie, who used to be his homeboy’s lady.

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