Five hours later… Book 19: The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Posted on 12.10.2012


…This is what happens when my friends go out for the night, and I’m too dead to go to Budo and left to my own devices. I devour things. Like books.

In my own defense, I read this book when it came out in 1999. And since then, I’ve been saying that it’s one of my favorite books. Now, 13 years later, I can still safely say that. It is STILL one of my favorites. This book is about a teenager, and I’m 30. Twilight it ain’t.

I’m glad there’s a movie coming out of it (finally), I’m glad it’s on the list of banned books, and I’m glad that because of these two things, I finally thought to buy it for the fourth time. This is one of those books, much like Letters to a Young Poet, Smoke and Mirrors, and the Best of Roald Dahl, that I have to continually buy because I keep lending it out to people and they keep NOT returning it. And that’s fine. The good ones are worth buying again and again. And again.

It’s interesting to come back to this book so long after having read it at 17… interesting because there are things that I know resonated with me THEN, that still resonate NOW. I wonder exactly how formative this book was for me, because I feel a much stronger identity to the main character this time around than I remember having the last/first time. And that’s an odd way to feel, since I think it tends to happen the other way around for most people.

Also interesting to note that at the time of first reading, I didn’t know who half of the musicians that he was mentioning were, and also hadn’t read (or even heard about) most of the books he mentions reading. And now, knowing as much as I do (just about 100%), it adds a new layer to the story that I’m sure I missed the first time.

I’m so glad I read this one again. I don’t think I’ll wait so long to read it next time. And I wonder how long I’ll keep this one before it disappears and I have to buy it again?

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