Three months/three suitcases, week 1-ish

Posted on 10.10.2012


Guys, I have slept SO MUCH in the past week. I’m sure there’s a lot of stuff to blame for that, but I’m going to blame the amount of hours I’ve been working and all of the extra walking I’ve been doing, rather than chalk it up to emotional distress. Which would be the easiest thing to do, and is well within the rights, I think.

So, because of the amount of sleep and my general state of ‘not giving a shit’, I’ve really only managed to pull off some half-decent outfits. I honestly am still getting into a schedule here and am still working on finding happy places for my clothes at my friend’s place. I’m convinced that yesterday was a turning point, even if that outfit doesn’t have a photo here for you. It’ll get repeated, you can count on it. Yesterday was the first day when I didn’t opt for comfy jeans, knee-high boots and something warm. Yes, the weather has officially changed here and it’s fall. Officially. But yesterday was the first day when I got out of my funk and into my ‘omg I LOVE this season’ attitude… even though I finally got to run on Monday, which was also excellent.

Now if I can just make it to not feeling like death by the time budo rolls around, it’ll be great. I think I need another week, although I’m hoping to get back to training on Friday. I wanted to go today, but after 8 hours of teaching and 12 hours out of the house, it felt like time to sleep more than anything else.

So here’s what I wore the past week or so:

Here’s day one. And a shirt that I bought last weekend. Because after packing my suitcases to the brim/weight limit, why not go out and buy something to make it more difficult? Please note exactly how much of  a shit I gave by the hairdo. Clearly: less than zero. Seen here sporting a pair of jeans whose crotch I’ve repaired so many times, it’s not even funny anymore.  Thankfully, no one is ever looking at the crotch… On the other hand, this is most certainly my FAVORITE denim color, hence the reason I’ve kept and repaired them for so long… but jebus, could someone PLEASE make more jeans in this color so I can feel secure enough to finally part with them??? I’m really hanging on a string with this pair.

And knee-high boots. A must when you’ve got to walk for 30 minutes in the city and want to keep a little warm. I feel really dumb after my last post for the amount of shoes I packed, but after the past two weeks, I feel absolutely certain that they were all necessary.

I mean, I’ve already worn half of them, and I haven’t even really been trying…

These two came mostly back to back, so they are getting posted like that, too. Here’s me going for comfy, jeans and boots.

I actually went out on something of a limb with the grey sweater when I packed it, considering I barely wore it last year and wasn’t sure how much I really liked it. I’m happy to say that it performed well, fits perfectly and will definitely be a nice top when I’m in a pinch. I dressed it up later and wore my pink flower pin with it, but I forgot to take a photo of that.

On the second (or maybe third day), my hair lost all will to curl, most likely due to needing a wash, and so you’ve got me in various degrees of hair-care here. I wanted to wear that striped sweater (also from last year), but realized that the only top which really worked with it was the Florence t-shirt… I’ll have to go back through and see if I have anything else that works… I can’t believe I would have made such an oversight when planning…

But after these days/that week of comfy and not caring, things took a turn for the ‘almost back to the land of the living’, and this happened. Here’s me giving about 75% of a shit… and this was today. So I think I might be back to on the right track.

That infinity scarf is fleece. And it is SO effing warm. Today was between 9 and 13 Celsius, so this was a pretty perfect outfit. And I was out ALL DAY. I felt like the boots were a bit of a gamble considering the rest of the outfit, but considering I’m in Germany and not in the states, I knew it was one I’d see on the street if I didn’t just do it myself.


check that awesome pattern on my tights!! I love them.

I also came to the conclusion today, after having a very specific pair of tights on my mind all week, that with all of this grey and black in my wardrobe, I think tights and scarves are going to be the major accent pieces for me this season. This is for two reasons:

1: they are smaller and take up less space/weight in a suitcase.
2: I think I might already have more than enough clothes and shoes.

Also, I finally broke down and ordered a new purse from Etsy the other day… I’d been looking for one for MONTHS since mine started peeling and falling apart, but couldn’t find anything I really liked that was NOT made of leather in the stores. So I folded and ordered one I’d had my eye on about a year ago (thankfully, it was still listed!) and am having it shipped to the office. I’m excited about it. It’s bright blue, so that will be a nice accent to all of this grey I’m wearing, too.

Yeah, so, not much amazing variety or daring in the way of outfits this week, but you’ll see: I think I can do better, and I will, now that I am finally beginning to feel settled. Look for lots of item repeats, as I didn’t pack as much as I would have liked… how many outfits can I make before I repeat? We’ll see…

Also, I need to do something with my hair. It’s getting long. And I’m getting bored. Thoughts?


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