“Three months, three suitcases” wardrobe challenge

Posted on 04.10.2012


I haven’t been talking a lot about what’s been going on in my life, and that will change as time goes on. For now, let’s stick to what’s happening: I’m currentlt staying with friends, and in February I’ll go back home to America. I’d like that to happen sooner, however, I’m not kidding myself about the job opportunities I would face in the US BEFORE the New Year. So I’ll stay here and finish out my contracts teaching, and ship everything else back to the states in the meantime.

This time around, since I won’t be taking multiple trips back and forth, everything had to go in one trip. And since I’ve amassed quite a lot over the past three years, that meant I had to go the container/carton route. My boxes could take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to arrive, depending on when the container is full and ready to ship. Because I couldn’t fill an entire container on my own (thank goodness).

All of this leads to my entire life here being packed into boxes, including most of my wardrobe. I’ll be flying back to the states with my three suitcases, which will all be checked, in the middle of winter. This is actually far preferable to my initial plan, which was to fly back THIS month: right in the middle of a season change. That’s the plus side: I’ve got only one season to plan for. The downside is that winter equals jackets and boots, which take up space and are heavier than tank tops.

So I’ve had to plan well, and I think I have. I spent an entire day on the weekend with my friend V going through all of my outfits, and trying to make the most I could out of as little as possible. My goal was to make a minimum of 30 outfits, and I’ve far surpassed that. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve left myself TOO MUCH clothing for the coming months, but that has yet to be decided. We’ll see.

As it stands, I’ve got:

1 blazer
6 jackets (varying thickness/weather requirements)
4 pairs knee high boots
1 pair rain boots
8 pairs work shoes
1 pair running shoes
2 skirts
2 pairs work pants/trousers
1 vest (matches blazer and trousers)
4 pairs of jeans
various sweaters
various ‘work tops’
5 t-shirts
workout clothes (2 sets + warm gear)


I’ve clearly packed more than I would have liked to, but I felt it was necessary to allow myself options. I’m operating under the assumption that I’ll want to go shopping or end up needing something that I didn’t pack, and also that I’ll end up shipping a random box of clothing back to the states in Feb after I’ve packed my suitcases, which are already full to the brim (and just under weight requirement).

I can’t decide if you’ll be getting wardrobe posts/photos about this, since it’s getting darker and that means that it’s too dark when I leave the apartment to take photos… if I can take the photos while I’m out and about, I will. Clearly, you’d be seeing a TON of repeat offenders. Which might be fun. This entire thing feels like one of Corrie’s 30-Day/30-pieces challenges, but on a much larger scale.

Stay tuned to see how I handle it.

As an update, yesterday I bought a top. Failing?

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