What did I do on my vacation? A list…

Posted on 10.09.2012


Note: I was told I have to rate these, so I am rating them. I’m not using a system really, just my overall enjoyment against the others in this group. And considering nothing is ever perfect, a 9 might be the highest rating I EVER give to a film. FYI.

So my vacation is sadly and officially over today, and it occurred to me that I wasn’t really online all that much. In fact, I wasn’t much of anything during the past two weeks, and it was pretty excellent. I’ve been asked a few times what, exactly, I did on my vacation, so I’ve decided to make a list. Enjoy:

The Hunger Games: 7/10

Hairspray (original): 6/10

Hairspray (remake): 6/10

Reservoir Dogs: 8/10

In Bruges: 8/10

The Invention of Lying: 6/10

Waiting: 6/10

Battle Royale: 9/10

Drive: 9/10

The Woman in Black: 6/10

The Girl Who Played with Fire : 8/10

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest: 8/10

Shame: 9/10

Brave: 6/10

Prometheus: 5/10

The Departed: 9/10

We Need to Talk About Kevin: 9/10

Chronicle: 7/10

Elephant: 9/10

Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby: 6/10

The Venture Brothers: Season 1

The Chappelle Show: Season 1 and 2

… and one episode of Doctor Who.


And there you have it. Back to life…

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