One month later: the state of my hormones (TMI warning)

Posted on 26.08.2012


Sorry I’ve been MIA lately, but now that I’m vacation you might be hearing from me a bit more. I technically started vacation yesterday, but have to go into the office for a few hours tomorrow morning, just to tie up loose ends. After that, it’s two weeks of downtime in which I’ll bum around, clean out my closet and maybe take the train somewhere awesome for a day!

So it’s officially been 1 month since the operation, and hence one month since my last birth control pill. A few of you might have heard or read me say how nervous I was about this, as I haven’t really been off of BC for more than a month at any given time in the last 13 years. I was concerned that my personality might change, or my cysts might come back in full effect, or something. I’m not exactly sure WHAT I was concerned about aside from the possibility of bad cysts and losing the other ovary, but there was some concern about the fact that my body was going to have to produce its own hormones for the first time in a very long time.

I’m happy to say that overall, the past month has been fairly normal as far as my body ‘feeling’ is concerned: it has been too warm for me to train and I was still ‘recovering’, so I didn’t get to work out at all. I was eating like shit, too, so I’ve been feeling weak and kind of belly-ill the past few weeks… but I’m getting back to healthy and have been feeling great the past two days! Also, I nearly worked myself to death the past two weeks at work, so that might have added to my general shitty feeling.

There’s a general belief that the BC lays in your system, even after you stop taking it, for up to three months. I’m not sure if I believe that or not, considering I somehow managed to get pregnant once while ON birth control (and taking it properly), but each body is different. I will say that this month, my period came 4 days later than it would have if the BC was still fully in my system. Pre-BC, I had a longer cycle than most, about 30 days. This month, it took me 27 days to bleed as opposed to 23. Yes, I counted. You could have set a clock to my period while I was on the pill.

So overall, month one went well and I’m not feeling any different (although to be honest: it was REALLY excellent to NOT have to worry about whether my period would come this month or not… I’m looking forward to not having to worry about that for the rest of my life). I guess we’ll see in the coming months if my chest gets smaller, or the cysts start to come back, or whatever else. I went up to a D cup thanks to BC, I hope I don’t lose that… I just bought a bunch of cute bra sets!!!