Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Hunter S. Thompson

Posted on 22.07.2012


16. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Hunter S. Thompson (22 July)
I’ve been majorly slow this year on the reading. But honestly, how could I continue the breakneck pace at which I was reading last year when I’ve driven a car, rather than ridden a bus, for nearly half of my time this year? Seriously: public transportation is my favorite thing for this reason, among others. I MISS the GD BUS something rotten.

To be fair, though, I’ve been majorly slow on a lot of things this year, as I figure myself out a bit more, and work on keeping occupied, getting hours, teaching, and so on. So averaging 2 books a month as opposed to one book a week had to be expected, with all of the other shit I’ve been trying to do (or thinking about doing). Did I tell you guys I met with a woman about harp lessons? Yeah. that happened.

I’m a fan of Hunter S. He’s a favorite writer of mine, although I’m not planning to get the guy’s likeness tattooed on my body anytime soon. Maybe a quote, sometime, after all of the others. Maybe. I fucking LOVED Kingdom of Fear, and read him like crazy during the college years. The way in which he writes is inspiring, among other things.

It was only necessary to read this book. I admit, I saw the film first. Most people my age might say the same thing. Reading it was far better, though. Granted, what happens when you read a book and you’ve already seen the movie happened here as well: I imagined everything mostly as it had been in the movie. Which was fine, although a lot of things ended up being imagined, like the parts from the movie that I can’t remember. It’s been a few years. Depp was pretty perfect as Hunter, though. I think we can agree on that one?

That might be one of my favorite lines, ever. As a note, I love the work of Ralph Steadman (the illustrator). I’m glad he and Hunter got hooked up. I’m also glad for all of the useful information in the back of my version of the book, like a HST bio and notes on how this book came to be. Excellent. Highly recommended.

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