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Posted on 02.07.2012


Hello there, I’m trying to get back into the swing of things this week, and that includes posting photos of the cool stuff I wore last week. I’ve been trying to wear a badass pair of shoes I bought for a few weeks now, and to no avail. Too much rain and heat for me to be ok with the outfits required… but I’m making it my goal to rock them this week, so my boyfriend can finally see what they look like on! We were super excited when we found them, and I’ve been kind of bad about getting them into an outfit.

That being said…

I DID manage to make a few outfits work last week minus the awesome new shoes. This is a combination of some older items that I hadn’t worn together yet, and for being simple, I think it turned out really well.

The pants and top are both Express, circa spring 2011 and winter 2010, respectively. The shoes are Ann Taylor Loft from OH MY GOD forever ago.

I’ll admit, I was kind of out of it this day, but the top was on my ‘to wear’ list (which means it was on the far right of the closet, in the ‘do’ section and it was a warm day, so the crops got rocked. I actually bought them in two colors, and am SO happy that I did that… they are the perfect go-to pants for when the weather is warm, but I’ve got to look professional. And they pair well with pretty much everything. In fact, they’re constantly in the wash pile the past few weeks!

I had an issue a few weeks ago, when I realized that a lot of my clothes were too big for me to wear. So I ended up having to go shopping to update, again, in order to survive the summer and make it through any further weight loss as I do a lot of working out with fitfreedom.

I got lucky with this dress, it was actually free from a friend, whom it didn’t fit so well.

It’s a funny thing, my friend and I: she’s at least 6 inches taller than me and built like a biker/runner, whereas I’m shorter and curvier… and yet, we rock the same size clothing. It is SO Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. It defies the laws of science that we fit into the same sizes of things, and yet… we do.

So she gave me this dress, because it wasn’t falling on her properly. It’s bias cut and definitely a silk blend, which means it will lay wrong on just about anyone who tries to wear it.

For some reason, that wasn’t the case with me. It’s got a gathered bodice (princess cut, I think) that definitely sits a little too high on my under-boob, but thanks to the pattern, that’s not noticeable and I can pull it off. Tits McGee rides again!

I rocked this dress (label totally unknown) with the ATL shoes and a white cardigan from Express that is at least 6 years old. The cardi came off because it was too warm, but the dress worked well on its own. Funny enough, this isn’t exactly a print I’d have chosen for myself, but I think it works really well against my skin. So I’m happy with it:)

Here’s one of the dresses I picked up when I had to add to the wardrobe, fast, due to the weight loss. I love how simple and easy it is!! It’s from Vero Moda, who I happen to really enjoy. I don’t know if they exist in the USA or not. But they are everywhere here!

The dress is a jersey/rayon blend and I managed to get red tea on it on day one. Thankfully, it came out easily enough in the wash, as most things do.

I love the stripes and the color. It was also available in orange, which didn’t go quite as well as the grey did. I did TRY to be adventurous with the color, but settled on the grey, which I think was a good call.

I took Corrie’s advice and rocked my Vegan Lita’s from June and Julia without OTKs or socks, period. I think that was a huge success and it felt a lot better than trying to figure out which to go with.

I have to say, these are quickly turning into my ‘running shoes’. As you’ll see in the photo below, I rocked these things for two days straight and didn’t have any foot pain afterwards. They are über comfy to walk all over town in and are super light, too, so you barely even notice you’re wearing them. Except, in these shoes, I’m as tall as the Germans. So I notice.

I’m really excited about this dress. Sure I’ve bought the same style of dress three times now, but THIS ONE is the keeper, for sure. The fabric is a silk blend and is really, really light, and it’s one of my favorite colors to wear!!! The earlier two versions that I bought were a rough color (light blue/periwinkle) or the wrong fabric (stretch jersey cotton). This is the Goldilocks version: juuuuuuust riiiiiiiight!

I was totally stoked to find this dress. Almost as stoked about the tights, which have a light grey dot pattern to them that is subtle, but nice with the shoes and navy dress. I went ‘sockless’ again with the Lita’s, and again, I’m happy with that. It was SUCH a nice outfit for a hot day!


That’s all for now. More photos to come this or next week!



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