Cooling: ‘but fire thought she’d really rather be water instead’

Posted on 01.07.2012


It’s been an amazingly rough and busy week for me. Today’s the first day I’m really considering a ‘rest day’, even though I spent a good part of the last two at the pool. But for me, the pool isn’t really as much fun as it should be… if I’m there, it’s because I need to be.

Today’s weather forecast is 18 – 22 C, which is 64 – 71 F. That’s perfect for me, especially when there’s rain involved. The coming week will see a high of 27C, which is 80F. That will come close to killing me, and I might have to hit the pool, rain storms or not. Yesterday and Friday, the temp was an average of 31C, which is 87F. And I was pretty close to dying, hence the swimming that happened. As I said, I wasn’t there for fun (even though it was), I was there to cool off.

What kills me is that the pool wouldn’t have even been necessary (or could have been seen as fun), if Germany believed in Air Conditioning. Seriously… the 80’s are a lovely temperature, when you can walk back into your centrally air-conditioned home or apartment afterwards. But since it ‘doesn’t get that hot too often’ here, no homes are equipped with AC. In fact, I can’t remember ever having seen an AC unit in a window in this town or the city. Some window fans, sure… but never AC.

I would kill to have an air-conditioned room in my house these days.

That being said, the week approaching won’t be as terrible, and I welcome the rain. It’ll keep me cool so I don’t HAVE to go swimming. At a pool or in my bathtub. And it’ll mean I can keep the window shades up. The past few days, it’s been like living in a dark cave, since keeping the shades down means the rooms will stay cooler.

I’m really NOT trying to complain. I’m just doing a lot of thinking these days about living conditions (as evidenced by the last post) and what I need in order to be comfortable and make the most of my life. So when the weather is a blistering 80F (and yes, that is ‘blistering’ to this MS patient), I tend to consider running away to Russia.

Thanks to the heat, I haven’t been able to work out for the past three weeks. That’s killing me, and I feel all of my progress from the recently completed 30-day challenge slipping away. Thanks to the heat, I’m sleeping longer and have really low energy, so there’s pretty much NO way to even fit in a workout. I just don’t have the energy for it. I’m planning a run and a workout for today. I might do both in the rain. Just because I can and it would be nice.

In other news, this week I saw both of my doctors and scheduled my operation. I’ll be going in for the op near the end of July. It was funny to listen to my gyno discuss it with the clinic that will do the operation, because he had to explain NO LESS than three times, to three separate people, how absolutely sure I was that I wanted to have this done, and that he didn’t suggest it to me, and that I’ve never wanted kids. He literally had to get the chief op doctor on the line to make the appointment, because every other person before him didn’t believe they could do it on a 30-year old woman who hadn’t had kids yet. So I guess the US and Germany aren’t as different as we initially thought.


It’s been a really interesting few days, truth be told… two nights ago, I was at a restaurant with some friends that backed up to a smallish field. We were waiting for the call to meet up with other friends, to celebrate another friend’s return from Ghana (she was there for 3 months). It was late and starting to get dark (around 9:30 – 10pm) as we left and were standing in the parking lot, trying to decide what to do next. The others were talking as I stood looking at the field, which was kind of open, but surrounded by trees (Nikolaushof, for anyone in the area). And that’s when I saw it. Something I never expected to see in Germany, something I’d been told doesn’t exist here. Something I haven’t seen in three years.

I saw a firefly.

And I wasn’t expecting to see one, or the many that showed up afterwards, and had just had a conversation two days earlier about how much I missed them and my old house in Mt Washington, where I could lay on my balcony and have them fly over my face, inches away.

They weren’t the same as my American fireflies; they were faster, dimmer and smaller. But that’s exactly what they were. And I started to cry. I sat down and watched them, barely breathing (while simultaneously hyperventilating, somehow), in near-total disbelief. I was sure I’d wake up. It was too amazing. They were EVERYWHERE.

Things that evening could only go downhill from there, but regardless of what followed, the fireflies have been solidified as one of the best things to happen in Germany so far.

Then there was yesterday… a 32C day that began with swimming and ended in Indian food (YES!), chilling in a darkened living room thanks to the heat, and then a hailstorm. The hail was HUGE, it was literally the size of golf balls. Considering the fireflies had happened less than 24 hours before, it felt like some Magnolia-style event to me. All that was missing was the raining frogs.

Here are the songs in my head today:)

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