Spread too thin, fixing it

Posted on 17.06.2012


I guess it took a few years, but I’ve reached the point in my life here where I am, once again, spread a bit too thin. I didn’t mean to get to this point again, but it happened because I was trying new things, getting in too deep, and trying to maintain ALL of them simultaneously.

I hadn’t noticed, but a few other people did. René mentioned it on Skype one day, then my teacher said it a few days later, and the next day a friend said the same thing.

I firmly believe that we should go everywhere and do/try everything. And I won’t apologize for that. This world is too big, too interesting, NOT to feel that way and to try to take in as much as possible. But at this point in my life, I’m scattered, and I need to slow down.

In the past months, I’ve been trying to learn Japanese, read more, enroll in TEFL certification courses (and I did), try out the Harp, work on photos, try out the Polaroid film, learn the Aperture and Muse programs, take fitness photos for the fitness site, and so on.

Really, just too many things. And I’m intimidating myself and getting worn out just thinking about everything I want to do. Am trying to do.

So after having heard it repeated by person number three the other day, I decided to do something. I went home and got rid of all of my little pieces of paper, all of the lists, and made a new list on my computer with Stickies. Granted, my Stickies program is really ALL lists, but this one is a special one, called ‘One at a time‘. And I need to remind myself of that.

The only paper that remains is my ‘goals for 2012’ list, which always sits at my computer. A lot of things are crossed off of that, and that makes me happy:)

In the course of two hours on that first day (which was Friday), I got three things done and took them off the list. And that felt great. And now I’ve got this list to look at whenever I’ve got some free time and want to do something. This list could be a LOT longer, to include stuff I want to do and plan to do later, but those are separate lists, and I’m going to get through all of them eventually.

I just have to stop adding to them:) I think that’s a good goal for now: no new goals until I finish these. Kind of like my books goal, which was to not buy any more book until I’d read all of the ones I had. That ones going well enough, I guess. I buy the books I’ve read that I love. And I had to special order a few just to read them, but they were inexpensive and I’m excited about them. My books ‘to-do’ part of the bookshelf is small in comparison to the books I have read and the books I loved.

I have to constantly remind myself to focus more. Which is funny, since I’m a photographer. Focusing is really all I do, all the time. I feel a bit lighter today thanks to the new list.

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