(TMI) There is only ONE downside to this most excellent toy…

Posted on 06.06.2012


and it took me about 3 years to finally say it or be bothered by it. But, there it is. When you’re working with less than the normal arsenal (I really have to go shopping soon), you use what you’ve got more, and so it’s an issue I’ve noticed as of late. Don’t give me that look. My boyfriend was gone for 6 weeks and is gone again.

The toy: OhmiBod G-spot

Overall rating: bad-fucking-ASS! and super silent, too.

My only issue: I love music. I really, really love music. And I love that this toy moves to the music, literally. My issue is with the sound.

I’m happy to go to a concert and lean against the speaker up in the front row in order to feel closer to everything. I’m happy to play my music loud. I love loud. But sometimes, just sometimes… I kind of want to think. Or imagine. Or remember. And that’s pretty close to impossible with this thing.

The reasoning? Because I want it to go at full power, and it won’t do that unless you’ve got the sound turned up to 11. Not 10, mind you, it has to go to 11. For when you really, really want to rock. Or, in this case, be rocked. If you’ve got the sound on your player around 4, you might as well just use your hands. You won’t feel anything more than a slight tickle.

That’s all well and good. The Sleigh Bells album, Treats, is pretty perfect for this thing. I’ve got a special playlist on my computer for it, actually. But still. If I want to really think, rather than just get to work and get it over with, it’s a hard toy to use.

Let’s be honest, though: if I’m using this, it’s a pretty sure sign that I’m in there to hit it and quit it and not bother to snuggle afterwards, since I’m usually alone when I use it. I’m not looking for a surrogate to my boyfriend, I’m just being lazy and not wanting to overwork my hand. Or I want the vibration. Either way, sometimes I require a mental image rather than just my normal focus, and in those cases, it sucks to use this… since I literally can’t hear myself think. Or scream.

Yes, yes, I know: it comes with a special second back for NOT using the music. It’s got 7 speeds! But I’ve almost grown accustomed to the music by now, and it seems almost sacrilegious to vibe one out without it. Or something.

There might be a new bullet in my future. Maybe I’ll go shopping this weekend…

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