Things I wore, and a little update

Posted on 06.06.2012



I am 100% out of it. Well, maybe more like 85%. One thing is certain: I am not interested in getting off of the couch just yet, and I’ve been here for about an hour. I’m majorly exhausted today. And the heat isn’t to blame, since it’s actually pretty cool today. Just life, I guess. I’m tired. It’s ok, we’ve got a holiday tomorrow, and I fully intend to enjoy it.

René is gone for another five weeks. It sucks, but I think I’ll get by. I’m mentally prepared for it this time, so I won’t be the major shitshow that I was last time he was gone. Well, I hope:) There’s lots to do while he’s away, anyway, and I think I’ll manage. It seems like I’m always adjusting to one thing or another, but what else is new? Life is transition. Stagnant is boring, and only dead fish swim with the tide, anyway.

I’m trying to get back on track. Catch up, at least a little. That reminds me, I need to send an email. And then maybe I’ll get into the kitchen and clean it. Maybe. maybe.

So, I wore things this and last week. And I was taking photos, but the light wasn’t amazing. Since I don’t want to do a direct replay next week, we’ll settle for these.

I’ve worn this excellent navy pinstripe shell twice already. I just wore it again yesterday, and yesterday was actually a very nice day. I walked around the city a BIT too long, maybe, in those shoes, but I won’t complain. I lasted. AND I got a compliment from a woman on my hot stockings (the right pair, not the left pair). I don’t get compliments from women here very often, so that was really a nice surprise.

I picked this dress up with Deb one day a few weeks ago from the S. Oliver outlet store, and I have to admit this. I have to say it somewhere: this dress is a reward. This dress is the first fitted size 36 that I’ve been able to wear in a year or two, maybe even longer.

I told myself a few months ago in a dressing room at H+M that I shouldn’t purchase the size 38 dress I was trying on just then (which was actually a bit tight), since it might not fit me so well in a few months. So I made the decision then, in that fitting room, to go back and get that dress once I’d seen improvements after all of the working out I’ve been doing. I never saw that dress again, but this one caught my eye while we were out looking.

So when I grabbed this dress in a 38 at the store (size 8) and it was too big, I kind of silently shit myself, and went for the 36. Due to the shape of my hips and their size ratio to my chest, I can’t usually pull off a dress like this, since it’s normally too big on top if it fits my hips properly.

So this dress, my friends, is the definition of progress. And wearing it yesterday was just the icing on the cake. And you know the best part? It was LOOSE yesterday. I mean, on one hand, that fucking sucks because I might not be able to wear it much longer or will have to get it altered (and this one, I certainly will). On the other hand, that’s even more progress, then, isn’t it?

I can’t decide if it’s too long or not. So it might end up getting altered anyway. But for now I’m happy with it, just trying to figure out how to wash it.

This ridiculous little thing has gotten SO much wear and so many compliments, and you know exactly where it came from: H+M. I’ve officially broken that rule of mine, and I kind of don’t care. It seems like NO ONE wears the cool patterns from that place, so I’m free to be the chick in this town who does. I can handle that.

This thing is so simple, and so easy to just throw on and go and still manage to look put-together. It’s been the dress of choice for many BBQs and daytime events as of late, and I’ve even worn it to teach a few times. It’s so easy to wear.

My only complaint is that my hair gets stuck in the exposed zipper in the back at the neck.

In this photo I’m wearing the black ATaylor platforms, but this dress actually looks great with my bright pink patent flats. Just imagine that, and I’ll try to get a photo of it sometime.

So… this is NOT a color I’m normally comfortable in, but after sending the photos of me in it in the fitting room to a few friends, who all wrote back and effectively told me to buy the fucking dress, I left my comfort zone and put it on.

I think Kristi said my concern best: it will only work on ‘tan GM’. And she was right, I think. Thankfully, I’m tan at the moment (kind of). I think the dress would have looked better with my hair down, but I wanted to make it more professional than ‘come hither’, so I wore it up for work’s sake. It seemed to be a success. Then again, I never ask for appoval. That’s just stupid.

It’s amazingly simple for a dress, although there’s a lot of fold and ruche work happening. It ruches in just the right places on me, and even in these photos where I’m clearly retaining water (which I was when I wore it), it still manages to be flattering. That’s a good dress. I’m excited to rock this one again, and I think I can see it being a weekly summer staple.

One thing this dress has reminded me of: I need to bring more color into my accessories. It shouldn’t have been so hard to accessorize this one, and it was. So, I’ll be on the lookout for some good colors in jewelry!

I wasn’t expecting this top to look as great as it did on me. I love polka dots and I love the kaftan look, but when it comes to Italian ‘one-size fits all’, I get concerned. As it turns out, I AM that size. I imagine many people fit that size differently, and it might look good on many, but I won’t deny that I might be the size the designers have in mind with these tops. I’m down with that.

I was looking for an excuse to rock the Vegan Lita shoes I got, and I think this outfit worked really well for that. I’m still having issues finding the correct socks to wear to WORK with them, but I’m working on it. here I wore my grey tights (since it’s still mostly in the 60’s here) and a black pair of trouser socks over them to add some height and hide my ankles. I like how that worked out, but I will still keep my eyes open for other sock options. I’d love suggestions, if anyone has any:)

This was a perfect outfit for teaching and then the wine festival afterwards. And I won’t even try to deny it: I was getting some serious LOOKS from the women of Wü for these shoes. It was either jealousy or confusion as to where they were purchased. I’m ok with both. Don’t you wish you could rock these shoes? Yes, yes you do, conservative ladies. Don’t hate, and learn to shop online;)

Also, I’ve gotten more compliments from straight MEN on these shoes than women. Which I find totally awesome. A lot of my male students seem to really appreciate them. Unexpected, yes. I’m proud of my boys for that.

This outfit might look boring, but I want to say this: this top has what might be the most PERFECT drape I’ve ever had the pleasure of wearing. I put it on in the shop, and it wasn’t even a question: it HAD to come home with me.

The color is perfect for me, it falls in the right places (albeit a bit low in the front if I’m trying to wear it on both shoulders), and it hugs where it should. And it’s SOFT.

It’s simple. Understated. And by a company called Velvet.


and that’s what I wore over the past two weeks:)

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