This never ceases to piss me off.

Posted on 03.06.2012


Picture the scene: a television show in which people who need help get it from their friends and family. Normally, this television show specializes in remodeling people’s houses and it’s always a major surprise… no one ever expects it coming. It’s always families in need, who need major help, and can’t afford to make the changes that need to be made to their homes in order to make them decent or livable.

In the current episode, Dad has died and left Mom alone with three kids. No one appears to be special-needs this episode, but they were in the middle of remodeling when dad died, and now the house is a wreck. Mom sleeps on the couch and doesn’t have a bedroom, while the two youngest, a girl and a boy, are sharing a room. The house is a mish-mash of furniture and all of the friends and family know they need help.

So the tv show comes in and works its magic: a fundraiser soccer game is held, the neighbors and friends are there to help with getting the family out of the house and moving all of the new stuff in and the old stuff out, etc. It is, quite literally, a community action that gets this house re-done and up to par.

Then comes the unveiling: the family comes home and sees their family and friends standing around, waiting for them, in front of their newly remodeled home. The family gets a tour through the new house. All three kids now have their own room. Mom has a room. The kitchen is 100% new. All of the heating and flooring is new and energy-efficient. Everything is beautiful. And in every room, there’s a photo of dad. There is lots of smiling, lots of crying, lots of hugging the hosts of the show, who helped with the work.

So then, the family walks outside, to be greeted by their friends and neighbors, who helped make this amazing feat possible. The friends and family are all clapping and screaming, there’s more crying and hugging, and it’s a generally excellent affair.

What song did the TV show choose to use during the crying and hugging our neighbors scene? ‘Because of You‘, from Kelly FUCKING Clarkson.

I am not even joking. I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried.

They used a song about a terrible, almost abusive relationship to be the highlighting track to an overjoyed moment.

This is what absolutely KILLS me about this country. No one listens to the goddamn words when they choose the songs they use. In anything. At the handball game, smack in the middle of the action, you’ll hear ‘I’m Horny! I’m horny horny horny!’. And when a family has just received a gigantic gift from everyone they know and a few people they don’t, they use Kelly Clarkson singing about how afraid she is to live, thanks to her ex boyfriend. Or whoever. I don’t even dislike KC, but in this case, this was a terrible choice. That’s all I’m saying.

I really need to just stop watching TV. Because I know this isn’t going to change. But seriously, folks, listen to the fucking lyrics before you choose your first wedding dance, ok? Because the lyrics really fucking matter.

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