Clear your desk, clear your mind?

Posted on 05.05.2012


I was out drinking last night with some friends until 4:00. It was a really amazing night. I had a ton of fun and met some new, interesting people. I think I really needed that.

I got home just after 4, went mostly directly to bed after taking my two required ibuprofen and glass of water (thanks, Jim, for that. It really does work every time!), and then woke up this morning at 8 instead of 9:30 as I’d planned. I spent the afternoon in the city with another friend, teaching him how to use a manual camera that takes film (which is, IMO, the correct way to learn photography). It was a four-hour crash course, but we covered everything he’ll need for the next few weeks as he learns the difference between f8, f11 and the other settings (I gave him homework), and how reciprocity works. I think it’ll be an awesome few weeks for him.

I did that entire 4 hours in (mostly) German, by the way.

I came home and was supposed to talk to René an hour ago, but he’s still not online. I only had a little time before we were supposed to talk, so I just kind of laid on the couch and chilled out to some Grey’s Anatomy, also auf Deutsch, but turned down really low, to just barely audible. I thought I’d sleep, but I didn’t.

I spent that time, and the time since then as I’ve sat around expecting René to sign on in a kind of mopey/daydreamy state, rebuilding occurrences from the past two weeks in my head and trying to put everything in some kind of order. I still feel scattered, I’m still distracted, and I should really be done with this by now.

Which is why I’m sitting here, typing this. I realized that part of my scattered mind might be because a lot of my ‘work’ is out of order on the floor of my office and awaiting some kind of planning or organization. I’ve got piles of shit to deal with all over my desk and on the floor, and as I laid there on the couch trying to pull myself out of the confusion, I decided it might be best, possibly even cathartic, if I would just get in here and get it done already, rather than sitting around and thinking about too many things, most of which I have only minimal control or influence over.

I DO have control over the fucking desk, though, so I might as well do something about that, while I’m here doing nothing.

I’m so glad it’s a rainy day and my day ‘off’ from working out, I really needed a day of ‘no concrete plans’ aside from skyping with people. I didn’t realize it, but I needed it. And now I’m going to get to it. I still feel like a mix of confused/mopey/tired, but thankfully I can’t add ‘hung over’ to that list. Thanks, Ibuprofen, for that:) I have so many little, stupid things that need to get done around here and for work. I need to get back to being productive.

❤ Happy Saturday! Super moon tonight, I think?

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