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Posted on 03.05.2012


While I managed to pull together some great outfits this week, I only managed to shoot three of them. Only two are featured today, you can have the other one after I shoot more next week:)

So, last week, I was faced with a dilemma: my two best skirts didn’t fit me anymore, thanks to all of this working out I’ve been doing (check it out on the fitfreedom blog;). My weight hasn’t dropped significantly, but everything is tightening and toning up, which means I’ve lost about a size or a half-size. This renders my two pencil skirts FAR too large. So I had to go shopping, since they are pretty important for my teaching outfits!

I didn’t want to buy TOO many new things, since I’m concerned that more tightening might happen (it’s only been two weeks in the most recent program). So I got a few things that could go with EVERYTHING in order to hold me over for the spring weather. Because it is already pretty freakishly warm here, and all of the pants I’ve got are already too hot for me to be wearing. Awesome.

This is a mostly new outfit. I can’t remember if I posted about the skirt yet or not, so just in case, I’ll talk about it again: a few months/weeks (who even remembers anymore) ago, I was in desperate need (in my mind, at least) of a fluffy-ish skirt, a la Carrie Bradshaw’s opening scene in Sex and the City. So I was out and on the hunt for that, but couldn’t find it.

What I found instead was this skirt, but it was far too long, since that’s what’s in right now. Thankfully, I’ve got an amazing alterations shop here already. I brought it in and said what I wanted done. I got it back and it was a bit too short for my liking, but since I’m short, you can see that it’s totally fine. I learned, though, upon trying it on that the skirt is TOTALLY not flash-proof. So I’m wearing (and will always wear) the black Express skirt that I’ve had since I was like 12 underneath it. No one noticed, and it goes just fine.

Staying true to Carrie form, I rocked it with a salmon colored wife beater (one of the new acquisitions from last week, 5-Euros!!). This used to be my jam back in like 2005, but then I gained a lot of weight just before my diagnosis and nothing fit me anymore, and I put my body into hiding. Now that my body’s come back, I’m happy to wear this again. That’s the Express cami underneath. It’s the perfect layering piece. I love when lace sticks out of things.

The cardigan was also a new purchase, and only ran me 10-Euros, thanks to the mid-season sale that was happening at my favorite store. I love the unfinished edges of the flower details, and I love that this dusty blue goes so well with salmon and the black skirt. I topped the outfit off with some adorable beige/grey-ish ankle socks and my old-as-shit platforms from Ann Taylor.


The Vegan Lita shoes, courtesy of June and Julia!!

Granted, I had to wait four months for them since they were handmade to order in Asia, but it was worth the wait, and they got here just in time for spring! In these things, I’m about the same height as the average German woman, so that’s great. I got SO many looks on the street in these.

But now I have a new dilemma: I went through like 6 pairs of OTK socks trying to find a pair to rock with the shoes (and any outfit, not just this one), and most of my OTKs look stupid with them!! I think I might need to play with the combos a bit more and also try them with my pants, rolled up, when I get around to it.

(@Corrie: I’d love to see how you’re wearing yours!!)

I’d also like to state that the pink shirt I’m wearing here didn’t fit me 4 months ago. So thanks, fitfreedom, for getting me back into my clothes!! This skirt was a new purchase, to cover the loss of the other two, and it’s already almost too big. What gives? I’m going to wash it and toss it through the dryer to see if that will help!

The OTKs you see here were a gift from Kristi, and I think they go pretty perfectly with the outfit. They’re my favorite pair these days. It’s totally a neutral outfit, but a good first try. I think I can do better, though, and I will!

bis später:)

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