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Posted on 03.05.2012


Burial, Untrue, 2007
I can’t stop listening to this album.

A new friend came over just about a week ago so I could take some photos of his scar, and we realized during the shooting that we have almost exactly the same taste in music. That was awesome, and it was a totally excellent, bonding-experience kind of day.

So then we started emailing each other cool music to share, and I eventually added him to some emails to other people, also about music. The first song he gave me was Archangel, off of this album. I’m not even joking when I say this: I listened to that song on repeat for a minimum of 4 hours one day. It’s just TOO good not to listen to repeatedly.

Something funny happened after that: another friend sent the same song in a separate (but involved) email, as a featured suggestion. Too perfect, wouldn’t you say? The planets definitely aligned.

Then I thought I should give Burial another shot, since I’d heard his debut album, Burial, a few years back and, I guess, wrote it off or just wasn’t overly impressed. So I went and found this second album, and I have to say that I am TRULY impressed. Now it’s gone from just listening to Archangel on repeat to listening to the entire album on repeat.

I have to say, I’d recommend it to anyone. I really would. It’s a great electronic (specifically: dub-step) primer. A nice way to ease into Burial, too. Because you know now I have to go back and listen to ALL of the albums, to see if I missed the train on something excellent.

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