Outfits from the past two weeks and planning for Japan

Posted on 23.03.2012


I’m so, so excited that the weather is getting nicer!! It means Japan is around the corner, and it also means skirts, light tights, etc!! I am pretty happy with the nicer weather we’ve been having lately. I mean, I LOVE running in the cold since it means I don’t get hot, but I also love sunshine and not wearing jackets. And skirts. And swimming outside.


So last week, it was really too chilly for shorts, but the thought was there. This is a new top I picked up from Benetton with another sweater (not photographed yet). I fell in love with the print and the weight of the fabric, along with the slightly boxy cut. I’m not normally a fan of that style of cut, but it looks good here.

This week and last week I’m planning my Japan wardrobe. Last year when I went, I didn’t know what to expect. This year I have a great idea of what the weather will be like, since we’re going at about the same time. And I also know what we’ll be doing (tourism and bike riding), so I have a better idea of how to dress, whereas last year I was kind of a hot mess in Japan (both literally and figuratively).

This top is definitely coming with me, and I’m not sure about the jeans yet. I’ve decided to only bring one pair this year rather than two, and I’m on the fence as to which pair, although this is the pair that will work with MORE things. TBD later.

Sadly, the weather will be too warm for boots, and that sucks since these are awesome and boots are definitely my strong point. But knee-high boots in spring doesn’t work in the land of dainty ladies. So I’m figuring out flats right now, too.

I don’t think ANY of this outfit is coming to Japan, but I threw it on one morning when I needed to wear SOMETHING, and that something included a blazer. It was chilly, and the blazer is corduroy.

It will certainly be too warm for cord in Japan. In fact, I won’t be bringing more than a rain jacket this year (I learned my damn lesson last year, and this year a rain jacket is IN ORDER), aside from maybe wearing one blazer on the plane. But not this one!

These two tops (the tank and the flowered shirt) are kind of fall-backs and they went to Japan with me last year. I love them for layering, but alone I always end up looking bigger in them. I don’t like that they are unflattering, so they don’t get to come along. And I already brought them to Japan, so there’s that. I need variety in my life.

I got this blazer at the second-hand shop for 5-Euros. The flowered top is Mosimmo from Target a few years ago, and the cami underneath is old Express. I like things that last.

This outfit is a contender, even though the blue shorts might not come… I love them, but there’s only so much you can pair electric blue shorts with, and my ass is only one of those things on SOME days.

Anyone who’s been following for a while might remember how absolutely apeshit I went over the ladies in Japan last year rocking cool tights with everything in April. I’ve definitely spent the last year making that my reality as well, and I’ve spent this week trying that stuff out in outfits.

These tights will come. The top (express, last year) will probably come. This might be the blazer that comes, although it’s fake velour. It’s the right amount of warm without being too winter or fall. I think. I’m not sure.

Not the shoes, of course, since a lot of walking and biking will happen, and I don’t intend to wear heels doing either of those!

But seriously, these shorts are awesome, are they not? I got them from H+M (this season). I love them.

About a month ago, I was in serious need of a light, flowy Carrie-Bradshaw skirt for spring. I looked everywhere, and found this one, about 2 feet longer. I had it altered down since I’m already short enough and didn’t require help telling others about that fact.

As it turns out, this skirt is NOT flash-proof and IS pretty see-through, so I’m actually wearing another skirt under this one to add extra coverage.

The skirt isn’t exactly all that I wanted, and I think it might be bad for biking. I don’t think it’s majorly flattering, either, although I love it and will continue to experiment with it.

Also, the tights: that is not one pair, but two. My black opaque-ish tights from Express (which are excellent and I recommend them, btw) and then a criss-cross pattern that I picked up the other day, over the black ones. These could be worn alone, but aren’t so flattering against my pale legs. I’m still experimenting with these as well. I’m not sure if they’ll come to Japan or not yet. I might end up just buying tights in Japan, since I can’t seem to find what I want here.

But the sweater (H+M, last year) is a contender to go to Japan. I think it’s perfect and dainty, but also good-looking for just about anything I’ll be doing (aside from kicking ass). I think it’ll go well with the jeans, don’t you think?

This is what I rocked today, and am still currently rocking. These shorts were the original winners for Japan, and after this outfit feeling majorly successful, I think the whole outfit might come. Not the shoes, of course, but the sweater and top will also work with the dark jeans, and the grey express tights could also work if I bring the blue shorts.

Comfort and ease of motion is the name of the game. And now I need to find comfy shoes, or break in my flats that are currently NOT so comfy.

The shorts are H+M (last year), top is Express (last winter) and the sweater is Victoria’s Secret (this year, the ‘flirty cardigan’ or something along those lines, orange). I really love the sweater, it’s perfect for lounging but still works in a professional setting. I don’t find it flirty at all, though.



I’d love some input on my Japan choices. It will rain a lot, and be warm, so I feel like skirts, shorts and cropped pants are really the best option. But again, I’d love some feedback about what I’ve chosen and what might also work well (from those of you who know my wardrobe, or want to look at previous posts;)


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