$5 prints from my Etsy shop while the prints last. Just an FYI ;)

Posted on 21.03.2012


A few weeks ago I took advantage of a sale my US printer was having on proof prints, just to see the quality of the images I’ve got up.

While a few are obviously MUCH better large, the ones that work at the 5″x7″ size look REALLY good and I’ve decided to put them on my Etsy page to share the love. I know that $45 for an 8×10 or 11×14 print is a lot for people who don’t collect art, but $5 is pretty unbeatable. I don’t need three of each print, and that’s exactly what I’ve got right now.

So if you happen to like my work and want a little piece of it, there are 16 prints currently listed (and about 10 that are NOT listed, that will be given for free with the first orders) that you can get for $5 each:) And shipping is only $3. FOR THE WHOLE PACKAGE, no matter how many you buy!

HERE’S the link to the ‘PROOF PRINTS SALE’ page.

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