Posted on 18.03.2012


I woke up yesterday really, really early, because René had to be up early to go to Belgium. So rather than sleep in (who am I kidding, it NEVER happens), I was up just after he left, as per the usual. On a Saturday. I was raging about it, and I managed to get a whole lot of shit done, just by being angry and awake. Not angry with my love, of course, just angry to be out of my excellent bed. Which now has some excellent purple snake-print pillows.

There were a lot of things I wanted to do yesterday, and one of them was to alter a few JNK seminar t-shirts I had. Whenever there’s a big seminar that requires people to spend the night and do multiple days of training, there’s usually a t-shirt given out. And since about 90% of the JNK is of the XY gender, it’s rare to get a t-shirt that actually fits (or looks halfway decent on) my feminine form.

I’d had the idea a day or so prior, as I was thinking that these shirts should really be worn outside of cleaning activities around my house. More to the point, I was thinking of bringing one to Japan, but then I thought ‘I won’t wear it’, and then I said to myself, ‘then you should make yourself want to wear it’. The issue was that they were just so damn UNflattering. I really don’t know why it took me so long to come up with this, but that’s when I realized that I should do to them what I did to my band t-shirts: just alter them. MAKE them look good.

So yesterday morning I had the two JNK shirts that I could find in hand and ready to alter.

But then I was standing in the bedroom, in front of my PILE of excellent band shirts, all of which are crew necks. Me and crew necks have never gotten along, and they look dumb on me. They’re just not my style. I prefer boat necks. I was looking at or for something, and that’s when it hit me: I need to alter ALL of the band t-shirts. They are all crew necks. I hate crew necks. This means that I often end up NOT wearing the band t-shits as much as I’d like to.

The thought in my head was, as Hyperboleandahalf would say: CUT ALL THE THINGS!!!

I grabbed the entire pile. And I spent the entire morning cutting. And now I have 7 band t-shirts that will most definitely get worn more. And I’m majorly excited about that.

Photos to follow. But for now, back to doing other things.

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