Book 10: Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

Posted on 15.03.2012


10. Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, Jonathan S Foer, March 15
I grabbed this along with another book from the library. I was kind of excited to see it, since I hadn’t seen it in the shelves before. There are two categories of books at the library: the books that never seem to leave the shelves, and everything else.

So I guess this was either new (not likely, since the book had significant wear from repeated use) or a popular book. I know there’s a movie coming out, or maybe the movie is already out — I don’t know which it is, but the story was on my radar and has been for a few weeks. I was interested by the title and by what little bits of info I knew about the story.

I will have you know that halfway through reading the book, I decided to go and buy it from the bookstore and to return the copy I was reading to the library. I couldn’t stop reading, I couldn’t wait to start reading again when I did have to stop, and I definitely felt the need to own it.

This story is a fucking tragedy. A beautiful, well-written, modern tragedy about something everyone my age has experienced and is historically attached to. Each of us remembers what we were doing on 9/11. I remember that day, and the days following it, pretty perfectly. It was over a decade ago.

I like that the story switches times and writers, so we’re seeing it from almost every angle (I’m ok with not seeing it from Mom’s eyes). It’s interesting to put everything together as the story goes on, but after we have experienced things from another POV. I’m really ok with all of that. There’s actually not a thing I’d change about the story at all, and I liked the amount of pages and space given to each character. No one got any more or less time than was needed, which is pretty excellent.

This is NOT a story I can give to my students, though, based on the prose-style of writing. It might be too much for anyone who’s not extremely advanced. But I’m definitely happy to have my own copy and to read it again someday.

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