Week 10, book 9: East of Eden

Posted on 07.03.2012


I’ve been moving slower than normal these past two weeks. Today was supposed to be my first, triumphant day back to my daily workout regimen, and instead I’m laid up on the couch with terrible lower back pain. So much for my best-laid plans.

Instead of feeling bad about it, I got into a comfortable position and finished a book I’ve had trouble putting down. I’m hoping to knock out a second book over the weekend to get back to my weekly average, which is currently slipping, thanks to the book I started and decided to put down.

9. East of Eden, John Steinbeck, March 7
It’s taken me a while to get through this book. I had picked up another and tried to read it, but I decided to stop when I realized I didn’t like it. I picked this book up next at the suggestion of a friend, and I was NOT disappointed. I tore right through it.

John Steinbeck is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors. The man can really write tragedy like no one else. I absolutely loved this book, and it’s one that I might have to read again sometime. There was so much in it, maybe even more than Grapes of Wrath, which I also loved. I don’t think I was really prepared for GOW, when I began it… I came into this story expecting heartbreak. It wasn’t so shocking this time.

I loved the repeating Cain and Abel metaphors and the story that followed two acquainted families. Another interesting thing to note: I think this book might have been an influence for the recent movie ‘the Tree of Life’. One scene from the book was copied practically verbatim into the movie, and as soon as I read that scene in the book, I knew part of what was going to happen in the end. I went to read about the movie afterward, to see if anyone claimed the story to be an influence. I didn’t find anything, although a few film critics did drop the line that the story arc went in that direction.

If you can handle the longer stories (I don’t jump into them lightly, although Murakami is calling my name lately) then read this. Definitely read this. It’s gorgeous. My favorite characters: Lee and Caleb. Absolutely.

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