The Sounds, in concert in Frankfurt last night

Posted on 27.02.2012


So, seriously. I need to stop being a baby about the D80 and just bring it with me from now on. Because I have come to the raging conclusion after last night that I certainly canNOT take the photos I want with the BabyNi all the time. The problem is always the same: flashing lights and the auto-focus goes haywire. It won’t focus, the camera catches the light all wrong, whatever.

I end up with great photos, but not the photos I’m trying to get. I have been trying NOT to bring the D80, to the last two concerts especially, because I go to these concerts and intend to dance. This was totally the case for both Stereo MC’s AND the Sounds, both of whom played at Batschkapp. I should have known better the second time at the same venue. And I guess I should have also expected the place to be packed.

But I didn’t, I didn’t expect that at all, specifically because the MC’s show was next to a ghost town. There was so much open space that one COULD dance, easily, without bumping into other people. Not the case at the Sounds show. The crowd was easily about my age or younger, full of energy and totally packed to the brim. I’m not sure MORE people could have fit in the hall. It was insanity. And I should have expected that, since the Sounds put on an INSANE live show that’s not to be missed. It appears that word gets around.

René and I went, even though I’ve already seen them live once. I caught them back in ’09 just before moving to Germany. I’d gone intending to buy the new CD, since that’s the best way to support the artists and make sure they get the money. When you buy CDs from stores or even iTunes, the artists don’t see much of that. They tend to make a higher percentage of the profits on tour, so I try to buy what I can. I bought a second, kickass Sounds shirt, but when we asked about CDs, the guy told us that they were sold out. Comically, he said ‘yeah, man, NO ONE buys CDs anymore… but apparently Sounds fans do. We sold out a LONG time ago and are having trouble getting more’. I think it’s hysterical that everyone buys the Sounds’ CDs from the concerts. Awesome.

The entire concert was awesome, start to finish. Kids at the Bar, the DJ on tour, was awesome live (far better than the iTunes offerings currently available). The Limousines, who are the supporting band on the tour, were equally good and I picked up their album from iTunes this morning after giving it another listen. They were also pretty fun live, although they looked like the fell out of a new-wave video.

The Sounds, as always, did not disappoint. They brought the energy, the strength and the balls on stage and didn’t drop off for a second. I forgot exactly how much fun their shows are, and I kind of can’t wait for them to release another album and come around again. What was totally awesome was the fact that the audience seemed to know ALL of the words to the songs, which is something I haven’t heard too often from the crowds HERE in Germany. So, that was kind of excellent. Apparently Sounds fans are the same everywhere: rabid.

Totally awesome and of note, Maja made it a point to smile for pretty much every camera pointed at her from the front row, and even laid down on the stage to take photos with fans and take their gifts. At one point she put on a shirt that someone from the audience gave her. She’s so effing laid back. I love her!!

We were back and off to the left because of my love’s knee pain, so that wasn’t us up there. But bet your ass, I’m going to remember that for next time and be in the front row with my amazing camera. Also of note: The Sounds might be the only band I’ve ever seen that actually pulls audience members up onto the stage to sing along. Um, awesome. Fulfilling 80’s dreams.

<<< I did NOT take that photo!!! But another concertgoer from an earlier show did, and I feel the need to share just how awesome her set is, because it’s pretty effing amazing. THIS is the reason I need to be in the front row with the D80 next time, you know?!

Check out the rest of this lady’s AWESOME SET HERE. She was at the Amsterdam show. It looks gorgeous. The lighting certainly looks better.

I was thinking today, I’m not sure WHY I feel compelled to shoot concerts now that I’m no longer getting paid in free tickets to do it. I mean, yeah, I go to the concerts to hear my favorite bands play. I buy t-shirts from concerts specifically, unless I can’t find one I like, then I buy it from the website. But what am I doing, spending 75% of the time at the show watching it through the viewfinder?

I kind of feel like I need to stop that or make it my job, because I always get a little angry at myself for photographing things that I don’t need to shoot.

I think I’m afraid that I’ll forget, and I take the photos as reminders for later. I am really afraid of the memory-loss that is associated with MS, but to say that I wasn’t afraid of memory-loss BEFORE my diagnosis would be a lie.

(<<< I took this one)

When I was younger, I used to keep a diary and record so much mundane information, just so I wouldn’t forget. When people would hurt me, I’d write it out in great detail so I wouldn’t forget how I felt at that moment. I think that I try to take great photos at concerts so I can remember the exalted feeling I have while I’m there. If there is a heaven, my version will be concerts, great photos and hanging out backstage with the bands afterwards. I really think that would be it. I just love great music, and I love it live. I love to see the performers loving what they do, and I think I want photos of that. But I’m not sure. Maybe I want a part of that.

Either way, I want to try to take LESS photos at concerts, but BETTER ones from now on. I’ll call it a goal or a resolution. But to do that, I need to start bringing the serious camera. And maybe I need to invest in some small soft-pack case that I can wear like an over-shoulder bag that has space for my keys and id. That would be optimal. On the list.

Check out all of my photos from the concert HERE.

And if you want to see what a Sounds concert looks like, then watch this video. They made it themselves on tour.