Week 8, Book 8: Blink

Posted on 23.02.2012


I totally picked this book up on a whim while I was at the library searching for things they didn’t have. I kind of knew what it was about, had seen friends reading it, and found the idea interesting enough. So I grabbed it.

I was not disappointed. Although the stories drag a little in one or two of the chapters, it’s really, really interesting to read about what our subconscious minds are capable of. It’s also interesting to read how we can train our subconscious to be more effective, or less effective, when we need it to be.

I’m very interested in the idea of reading facial expressions, and this book reminded me of that in one of the later chapters. Thankfully, in the acknowledgements in the back, it offers further reading material, so it looks like I might be picking up a new book to check out later.

I’m definitely going to be thinking about our preconceived notions of things every time I walk down the street or make a judgement about someone or something. Overall, the book is really well-written and SUPER easy to follow. I’d probably read this one again, later.

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