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Posted on 16.02.2012


I’ve been fashion-MIA for a few weeks, mostly because it’s been too cold to give a shit about what I’m wearing. If you think I’m joking, I’m not. I have literally repeated about 4 outfits for the past two weeks based on who was going to see me WHEN. No one saw an outfit repeated, even if I wore it two days in a row. I love my schedule.

When the weather is between -9 and -13 every day (about 20 degrees F, give or take 10 degrees), I stop wearing skirts and stick to sweaters and jeans.

That being said, I do have a few photos that I didn’t post from before the two weeks of ‘winter’ in which I went running every other day, and I’ll share them along with the few from this past week.

This is SUCH an awesome, basic shirt, and I’ve been defaulting to it over the past few weeks, even though this photo is from BEFORE the cold period. It’s been a mostly mild winter aside from those last two weeks, so I was able to rock stuff like this under a regular pea coat and have that be enough to keep me warm.

This is also the excellent plaid shirt (they just call them ‘lumberjack’ here, I guess that’s better or easier than ‘plaid button-down, but not flannel’) that I picked up on SUPER sale at the Superdry outlet shop with René back in December. I think it was December. Or it was the first week of January. Either way, the Superdry sizes are for Japanese people, so I’m here rocking a large that has WAY too much fabric in the back, but not enough for me to care to alter it, and it looks acceptable even with that considered.

The infinity scarf is gold-colored lace, a gift from K2 (via the Etsy shop SevenWhiteRabbits, check it out!!) for my birthday! I love it! It’s light and I’ll be able to rock it in the spring OR summer if I so choose, and I kind of love how it pairs with the plaid. What a nice, unexpected combination.

After looking at these photos, I’ve come to the conclusion that I ALWAYS pair the pencil skirt with the red jacket. I’ve also come to the conclusion that I should color-edit my photos next to each other, since these were taken a few seconds apart and the red jacket really seems to have an effect on the Nikon’s lens. The Nikon is a notoriously ‘warm-toned’ photo taker for me.

All of that aside, the top is one of the new ones I got from Express thanks to a gift card, and that order was a game-changer for me: I learned that although I’m an XS in most Express tops, that anything lacking ‘stretch’ of some sort should be ordered in a size S instead. So a friend of mine who happens to be an XS got a lot of clothes from me recently:) This was the only top I kept, actually!

I really enjoy pairing the red jacket with blues, and I enjoy pairing blues with warm colors like the reds and oranges in the scarf I chose.

And I’m starting to think that I can be as obsessed with tights as I want to be, but that I love the more ‘hidden’ prints like this pair better than the more outgoing prints that you can see from a mile away, that I tend to favor when I’m just looking, rather than wearing. I might have to experiment with that come springtime, or come my trip to Japan in April. I plan to get my shop on while I’m there this time. I highly doubt that anyone in Würzburg will have a bathing suit from Japan.

I also ordered some stuff from Victoria’s Secret. I did that because I found an item (not featured today, because I’m having trouble photographing it so far) that I’ve been looking for since LAST February when I saw my friend Rachael wearing one, and I had to get it. It wasn’t available in dark grey as I would have preferred, so I got that item in black.

I’ve been mildly obsessed with all things burnt or cider orange lately, and I picked up this sweater from them as well. It’s called the ‘flirty sweater’, and I hardly find it flirty. In fact, I think it could be seen as ‘frigid’, if I were to wrap it around myself like it’s capable of doing. This sweater has been a nice default on the days when I don’t want to just wear all black or grey, and I think that I can sufficiently rock it.

… and now for the DIY part of the post: I found a really awesome link on Pinterest that I’ve had sitting on my desktop or open in a tab for a LEAST three weeks, and I finally got around to grabbing what I wanted from the hardware store over the weekend.

This ‘scarf’ that I’m wearing was NOT what I was trying to make, but it happened a few weeks ago when I realized that I had this grey H+M mini skirt that I pretty much NEVER wear and I wanted to play around with it, to see what I could come up with. I came up with a scarf of sorts, that is definitely not going to keep someone warm. This came directly before all of the bib necklaces that I recently posted to Etsy, and I’m mostly happy with the results.

I saw the fabric laying on my desk in this kind of messy, folded up way, and I thought it looked awesome, so I darted it here and there to leave it in that state permanently. I think it looks kind of awesome, and I definitely got some interested looks at it when I wore it the other day. I’m going to rock it some more to see if I can drum up interest, because if I can, these things cost like 5-E to make since the skirts are always on sale at H+M! I like it paired with a necklace here, it’s like a double accessory and I’m ok with the contrast that’s happening.

The DIY blog that I found c/o Etsy was all about making your own bracelets using stuff found at the hardware store that generally looked badass.

Altogether, these two bracelets (the braided ones with the hex nuts) cost me about 5-E to make. Together. And I still have hex nuts left over, and a few strands of leather that were too thick to use with them. Awesome.

The white ‘bracelet’ is one strand of a cut up t-shirt (this is what became of the MOG shirt I was sent three years ago, I felt it was just treatment after they ditched the writers who made them appear to have ‘content’)  that’s just wrapped a few times around my wrist.

All together, I think the bracelets look sufficiently badass and am happy with the results. I’ll be trying MORE DIY stuff in the future, and when it works out I’ll be posting it!

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