Two new albums added to the music page…

Posted on 11.02.2012


15. Goldfrapp, Black Cherry (2003)
I’m a huge fan of ALL things Goldfrapp, this just happens to be the album I’m rocking this week. It was, also, my official introduction to the band back in 2004 or so. I don’t remember how or when, but this album ended up in my hands and it has since left my hands multiple times when I want to introduce OTHER friends to the magic that is Allison Goldfrapp.

I think because it was my first, it’s my favorite. As stated above, I love all of the albums (Felt Mountain was the hardest for me to get down with, but even that happened over time).

Also, unlike some of the other albums, or at least, to a different extent than the others, this album IS sex. It’s dirty, electronic and sexy to its rotten fetish core. What other album could you find songs like Strict Machine, Twist and Tiptoe on? This album is red glitter 7″ platform mary janes paired with striped over-the-knee socks leading up to a crinoline petticoat. Yeah. Exactly that.

16. The Black Keys, Brothers (2010)
When this came out, people could NOT stop talking about it and I was a bit wary of checking it out. It was just after I moved to Germany and I was still getting the hang of how things get released. Thankfully, my iTunes account is still linked to my US bank account, so I was able to get my digital paws on it before my Deutsch comrades were.

And I’m not disappointed. I got it when it came out, and I haven’t stopped listening to it yet. That’s good. It’s one of those easy albums that seems to have a mood for everything, and you can just keep it looped on repeat and play it all day. And not even mind. You can’t do that with all albums, you know? There aren’t many albums that fall into the ‘rock’ category that I can stand these days, but the Black Keys make the cut:)

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