Maneaters 2012, for your listening pleasure

Posted on 11.02.2012


I’ve had this playlist ready since November, I just hadn’t gotten around to making the cover and track list file until now.

And honestly, I wasn’t about to give out a third Maneaters album in 2011… this was good enough to hold off on until the new year!

I’ve got 2012.5 half-way completed already, but I’ll save that for summer and maybe some new releases (I’m looking at you, Ellie of La Roux and Garbage!).

I’m really happy with this mix, as it’s one of the first since my move to Germany to be mostly full of new music I found out about over HERE , as opposed to music that I heard about from MOG friends in the US or read about online. Most of these tracks come straight from the German radio station I favor, along with a few that HAD to be added because they were that good.

Here’s the full art with track listing, if you’d like to read up before downloading the file from MediaFire:

I went the minimal route this time with the cover, since 2011.5 was a cluster of my favorite Chiyogami patterns and Verushka images. I think this is a nice contrast to all of that. It’s definitely how I’m feeling these days: minimal. And pink. đŸ™‚

Click HERE to download the file (and album art) from Mediafire and make sure to let me know how you like it!

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