UPDATED: I’ve been busy making things, and now I’d like some feedback

Posted on 07.02.2012


Little-known fact about me: one of the ONLY things that I ever learned from my Aunt Francie, who died when I was in 7th grade, was how to crochet. She might have taught me how to play Solitaire as well, but I might be wrong and that might have been my grandmother (also dead).

I was never really sure what to do with it, but I like doing it. I like to do it while I’m watching tv or a movie, or just sitting around in the evening NOT paying attention to the TV.

A while ago I bought some yarn and decided to try to make a scarf. I wasn’t bent on making a scarf especially, but that was all I could think to make. It was ok, except that it kept shrinking as they tend to do when you use a looser knit and forget it from time to time. So what i got was too short to be a scarf, but I couldn’t really figure out what to do with it. So I kept it, and figured it would come to me later.

The other day, I picked the needle up again and just sat there, crocheting while watching a TV series all the way through on YouTube. Once again, the aim was kind of a scarf, and once again, it kept getting smaller. I decided to work with that, and kind of went apeshit with a technique I’d learned in my college fibers class, called ‘piling on’. The idea is that you weave or knit or whatever OVER and OVER and OVER again until the surface is a major mass of interesting. You actually see it in a lot of couture work.

I love scarves, as you might know from my fashion posts. But I hate to wear one and then take it off. So I got the idea with the pile-on technique to make a scarf necklace, what I could wear in the colder months and NOT have to take off when I got indoors.

So that’s what I made. And I liked it so much that I made another one. And then I went and got that too-short scarf and made it into an awesome one.

The results are what you see below: pile-on crocheted bib necklaces of varying widths, lengths and colors.

The light blue one is the scarf-turned GIANT bib necklace, and it’s the one I’ve been rocking on the streets.

So. My questions:
should I put these on Etsy to sell, and if I did,
are they something that you might buy for yourself or for a friend?

Based on how much they cost to make, I could charge $20 for the smaller ones, $25 for the larger ones and still make a profit that’s worth posting them for. I’m thinking that if I did post them to Etsy, I’d take custom orders. My yarn possibilities are pretty endless.

Thanks, I really appreciate your feedback! And thanks to my lovely model, Sailor V!



I posted the bibs to Etsy! You can view them HERE!!!

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