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Posted on 03.02.2012


Why are Twinkies Cheaper than Carrots?

I’d like to know the answer to that, too.

I thoroughly dislike being called an ‘elitist’ simply because I choose not to put shit in my body, and choose to pay more to eat less. That’s not being a snob, it’s being healthy and a conscious consumer. I’d prefer to NOT die of cancer prematurely.

And this just drives me up a wall, to be honest. I’ve always joked with my friends back in the US that the reason we don’t have stuff like Twinkies here is because Germany has such high food standards (in comparison with the US) that they won’t import shit products. I knew that was true, but I didn’t realize the EXTENT of the differences between the two countries.

GMOs are a serious issue that need to be looked at much more closely than they currently are. It’s amazing to me that in the face of the REST OF THE FIRST WORLD SAYING ‘NO THANKS’, the US decided that it was still a good idea to make these a part of our daily lives. And now you kind of can’t get away from them.

This is the kind of shit that scares me. The fact that I don’t actually have much of a food allergy over here, but that as soon as I go back to the US or ingest something that came from the US, I’ve got issues. The US follows the laws and doesn’t export GMO products to us, so the Kraft Mac n’Cheese that I bought at my store, that came from the US, has different ingredients and is GMO-free, while my friends in the US will get the GMO version.

It’s like choosing the cheapest dog food. You shouldn’t have to wonder if that corn you’re eating is going to give you or your family cancer.

Please. For the love of your own life. Support your local farms, and ask them whose seeds they’re using. Ask them about pesticides. Ask them if THEY eat their own food. And tell your congressperson to support stopping junk subsidies.

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