Week 4, Book 4: Julie and Julia

Posted on 26.01.2012


4. Julie and Julia, Julie Powell, Jan 26
Well would you look at this: I’m not reading half as much as I was last year, and I’m still averaging a book per week. Calendar week 4, here you go. I know this will all change once I get into the Shakespeare and Art history books, but I’m not concerned, since I’m not trying to beat last year’s number, not at all. This year is a ‘me’ year, and I’m still aiming for most of the reading to be educational or mind-expanding.

That being said, when I saw this book in the library while looking for the rest of the Tripods Trilogy or some Franzen, I had to pick it up. I don’t know why, since I’d never really been that interested in the story (or the movie that came after it), but I am really happy to say that I’m glad I picked it up.

I will tell you, the initial thought in my mind was ‘so here’s the book that EVERYONE in the blogosphere since 2002, or those who just saw the movie a few years ago, have been trying to emulate.‘ Seriously, SO many bloggers have started ‘year-long projects’ because of what happened to Julie Powell. I am really, really happy for JP and what doing the project did for her, but I get annoyed by people who are inspired by this story and decide to do the same damn thing, essentially, as if they’ll get a book deal, too. That’s for original ideas, people! Jesus! I wonder how many of those people did a full year of ANYTHING, or managed to get through their ‘projects’. To me it just always sounds like a new year’s resolution that’s bound to fail by month 2.

I loved the book, I love the idea, the story, and the journey she went on in order to do this. I’m a fan of cooking, but I’m not THAT into it and I doubt I could handle half of the recipes she wrote about (although liver is sounding a lot more appealing after reading the story) or DO half of the things she had to do. I have a major issue with killing things. It makes me a bad meat-eater, I know.

Also of note: I’d read a review of her book Cleaving which came out a few years back and found it interesting and added it to my ‘to read’ list, even though at the time I didn’t connect the author’s name with the writer of Julie and Julia. So that makes me even MORE interested to read cleaving now, and since I love the way she writes, I might just buck up and buy them both from Amazon.

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