Getting back to the 30-day goals, as a way to accomplish all that I want to this year

Posted on 24.01.2012


There are 12 or 13 things sitting on the list next to my desk that I’d like to accomplish by the end of the year. They go hand-in-hand with my 2012 goals and possibly above and beyond.

So in an attempt to NOT wait until November to try to get them all done, I’m going to attempt one or two of them each month.

The two that I’ve chosen for the next 30 are actually probably the simplest of the list, but I think that’s an ok start. It’s best to start small and work your way into more difficult, I think.

So. The two plans for the next 30 days (or, ultimately, the end of Feb since it’s the 24th now) are to:

1. Focus on learning Japanese. Try for an hour every other day, if possible.

2. Finally make the flyers, posters and images that I’ve wanted to for my dojo.

I think I can do them, I know I have the time, and if I can get through the flyers early enough, I’ll start on the next goal to get  a head start.

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