Three albums that I love enough to share, and posted to the music page:)

Posted on 23.01.2012


11. Air, Pocket Symphony (2007)
This is one of my favorite albums to listen to when I’m working or trying to get to sleep.

Air is one of those bands that you feel like you’re supposed to like, because everyone you know whose music opinions you value RAVES about them.

They got a lot of publicity when The Virgin Suicides came into the theaters, due to the soundtrack… it was then that I first tried to like them. It didn’t really work out so well, and I walked away from them. But then when Pocket Symphony came out, I gave them another go and decided that maybe I can’t love ALL of their compositions or albums, but I could definitely love THIS album. It just flows so well, like a CD you could do Yoga to, and not get distracted. It’s not often a good thing for me when an album fades into the background, but that’s precisely WHAT I love about this album. It’s so NOT intrusive or screaming for attention, it’s too mature and confident for that. It plays, and you’re forced to enjoy it. To its own defense, this album fades into the background, but is a lot like your long-time lover in the same room, just sitting on the couch, reading: you’re always conscious of what they’re doing, even if it isn’t much.


12. Air France, No Way Down (2008)
A music friend turned me on to Air France, after we had a discussion in which we both realized that we LOVE the obscure but amazing band the Avalanches, and I lamented that I would KILL for them to put out another album that was even half as good as their first release (I’ll write about that below).

My friend gave me a digital pat on the back and told me to check out this band, and this album specifically, and to try to deny that they were influenced by the Avalanches.I gave it a listen and was HOOKED.

I can’t get enough of this album, I play it over and over again most days. I love when you can just put an album on loop and forget to change the tracks. It’s so good, it all just works together. I could, and do, listen to this album all day sometimes.


13. The Avalanches, Since I Left You (2000)
This album is, by far, one of my favorites of the 00’s. I got introduced to the Avalanches by my then-neighbor Derek, the amazing, excellent, far-too-very-sadly-not-interested-in-me bartender who used to wake up the complex on Sunday mornings by singing U2 at the top of his lungs, quite well.

I was notorious for locking myself out of our house, which was right next to his apartment. Since he worked nights and I was a college student at the time, I could always count on him to let me sit on his couch and hang out until my roommate came home to let me back in. We eventually got to talking about music, and that progressed to sharing music and piracy on a mass scale as we introduced each other to music we’d never heard before.

This album is one of the jewels of that period in my life, and I made it my mission to introduce as many of my friends as possible to this album, with great success:)

You might not have ever heard of the Avalanches (from Australia) or this album, and that’s not your fault. From Wikipedia: “The album contains about 3500 vinyl samples of various genres of music. As it was not originally intended for international release, the duo did not worry about copyright restrictions nor attempt to keep track of which samples they would need to clear.” Although it made a lot of best-of lists, it didn’t get a ton of attention in the mainstream, which has its ups and downs: Up: I’m cool for telling you about it. Down: they don’t get famous and continue to be kind of obscure.

C/o Pitchfork: “what really makes this album brilliant is not as much the volume or quality of the samples used as the way that they’re employed. The Avalanches have managed to build a totally unique context for all these sounds, while still allowing each to retain its own distinct flavor. As a result, Since I Left You sounds like nothing else”. That about sums it up.

Added bonus: John Waters films being used for the track Frontier Psychiatrist. B-more represent.

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