I took myself on a date yesterday

Posted on 23.01.2012


Yesterday, I was very very sure to take a break from working out and being productive and to do what I felt like doing. That included, mostly, going on my own to see the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo in the OV (original version: English language) instead of dubbed into German. Sadly, there was only one showing all week, which was yesterday at 11am. But whatever, I always wake up around 8, so it wasn’t like I had to push to get there on time.

I have to say, I was really, really afraid that Hollywood would fuck this story up. It’s a long story, and even the Swedes couldn’t put all of the material from the book into their really, really great version of the trilogy… so if the Swedes, who top Americans when it comes to EVERYTHING, couldn’t contain the entire story, then how could Hollywood possibly even try?

I’m really impressed. There were very few changes made to the storyline, and the ones that WERE made weren’t too obnoxious and didn’t take away from the story itself. I actually feel like the Hollywood version kept MORE of the story than the Swedes did. I have to say that I’m a little upset that one character was in London rather than somewhere else, but that’s not terrible. I wasn’t sure how Hollywood would handle the graphic sex scenes, but they did a good enough job that I wasn’t pissed. The Swedes definitely allowed MORE sex into the movie, but this didn’t effect the storyline too much. In the American version, you get the idea without having to lose your lunch over the visuals, if you’ve got a weak stomach for that sort of thing.

I’d also like to say that I can’t quite choose between Rooney Marra and Noomi Rapace: both played EXCELLENT versions of Lisbeth, and I really love how well Rooney fit into this role. It’s not typical, it’s not an easy psyche to jump into, and she really pulled it off.  So kudos to her.

Kudos ALSO to Daniel Craig, who is FAR MORE ATTRACTIVE without all of that added Bond bulk around his neck and shoulders. He’s so known for being handsome and a charmer in his other roles, that it’s almost hard to realize immediately in the film that he’s definitely disappearing into this role as M Blomqvist, and not out to make you wet yourself. He’s a dad. He’s worn out. He’s got a mostly average build. It’s pretty excellent to see him as he’d look if he were, say, your neighbor.

Another MAJOR kudos to the amazing opening credits. It’s not something that many people will pay attention to, but they are fucking fantastic from a design point of view. See for yourself:

How effing amazing and dark is that? And no, I don’t mean literally dark. I mean noir-gorgeous. In case the Immigrant Song cover from Keren O, Atticus and Trent isn’t enough. I’ve loved the song since I bought the soundtrack, but the opening credits add an extra layer of awesome to all of it. This is the stuff I WISH I could make, as an artist. Seriously. This is how great movies begin.

I’m excited to see the movie again with René, in whichever language he prefers, when he comes back.

After the movie, I went over to Sid’s place and he showed me how to make Lebkuchen!! We made gluten-free and regular ones, and it took a while… longer than expected. Then we sat around watching music videos, eating Ginger rice.

I got home pretty late, and wasn’t tired, so I stayed up doing the things I had planned to do during the day. Emails and reading the news, mostly:)

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