Mostly casual with a side of excellent dress

Posted on 20.01.2012


I’ve been going the casual route this past week or so with my work clothes, because of the cold weather and because of being more excited about my casual clothes than about wearing tights.

This sweater feels very Obi-Wan to me, but I don’t really mind. I love it. AND it only cost me 5-Euros. It hides any ‘problem spots’ I feel I have, even if they’re slowly disappearing with all of the working out I’ve been doing.

It’s not overly comfy or anything, but I dig the cowl neck and the fact that I could totally rock this into the spring, thanks to the three-quarter sleeves. I got some use out of the long-sleeved shirts I was searching for forever, and I’m happy to report that I can handle the long-sleeved under-layer better than I expected.

I totally had a ladybug on my hand while I was shooting these. She was hanging out in our bedroom looking for a way out, so I brought her (I guess I should say ‘it’) out with me and after a few failed attempts, she flew off.

I’m digging the casual and laid back look. It’s served me well these past weeks.

Sweater: H+M, Jeans: Express, boots: S. Oliver, brooch: KAMAY!

This shirt didn’t photograph well at ALL, but I will tell you that it’s quickly become one of my favorites. It is SERIOUSLY comfy, but with the side rouching and large, open neck that slouches, it’s a perfect casual work top for when I just want to stay warm. It’s actually pretty flattering in person. AND It even has POCKETS. POCKETS!!!

I went shopping with one of my students after class one day, because she wanted a second opinion on some dresses. Benetton was having an end-of-season sale, and I found this among the racks. I probably could have dealt with an XS instead of the S I bought, but that was all there was, and I figured that if I needed to, I could alter it down. But I don’t need to. It’s excellent as is. And being on sale made it an excellent find, it was only 10-Euros.

I seriously toss this on as soon as I get home from work, and it’s all I’ll wear in the evenings over my sleepy clothes to keep warm. Ask anyone who’s skyped with me in the past two weeks, it’s all they’ve seen!

Also photographed here is one of my new, excellent pairs of MAVI jeans, which I tried on at Corrie’s suggestion. She was totally right, these are some excellent, amazing jeans. The denim feels amazing, there’s just enough stretch to make pulling them on and off easy, and they’re also way comfortable. This is the second pair of light denim jeans that I’ve actually liked. I’ll get the other pair back tomorrow, they had to be shortened. The only pair that fit me was a 34″ length. Which is like 4″ too long.

Top: Benetton, Jeans: Mavi, necklace trio: S. Oliver

Once again the Mavi jeans that I can’t stop wearing, paired here with a kickass, super-soft top that I found at S. Oliver on clearance for 6-E, and a long sweater (also on sale, yay end-of-season sales!!) from Zapata. I’ve been on a throw sweater kick lately, as I’ve learned that I don’t do well with normal pull-over sweaters. I need more variety than that, so I’ve been finding some great cardigans and throws.

It’s not often I rock the UGGs outside of the apartment, since I don’t think the brand deserves ANY publicity, but as far as a comfy teaching outfit was concerned, this worked out quite well, and I could have slept in this if I’d wanted to.

Also of note is the excellent scarf that KRISTI sent me for Xmas, that I think goes perfectly with the ensemble. I love getting accessories and clothing from my friends; they always pick out stuff that I wouldn’t think to even try on, and it always looks amazing. My friends dress me really well!!

Jeans: Mavi, Sweater: Zapata (store), top: S. Oliver

I’m breaking my own rule here. Some of you might remember that about a year ago, I posted that one could certainly buy things from H+M, as long as they stayed away from the patterns that are all-too-easy to identify as having come from the store. And here I am, wearing a great dress which fits me like a glove, that is a wonderful pattern from H+M.

I’ll stand by what I said about the patterns often giving away where the item came from. Anyone who’s been to H+M will recognize this dress. On the other hand, this dress is one of the few from that store that was MADE for my hips. And I love the print, and the dress looks great, so what’s not to love about it? Rules were made to be broken, right?

There’s a story behind this dress, too. I saw it just as the winter sale was starting, right after Xmas. It was full price at 29-E. I tried it on with another print version of the same dress and emailed the photos to my friends, who all wrote back and told me to buy this one. I said ok, I’ll wait then. I went home and told René about it, and bitched about it being full-price while all of the other patterns were on sale for 5-E. When I told him the ‘full’ price, he laughed at me and told me to go back and get it.

So I was back at H+M a few days later, looking for a skinny belt for my NYE dress, and decided to do another walk-by of the dress. I was still pissed that it was the only full-priced version. The dress was in a new location, and marked down to 15-E!!! THREE DAYS LATER!!! SOLD. I tried it on again and made sure I had the right size, and was out the door, totally celebrating my good luck. I’m so glad I waited a few days!!

Also, in regards to buying patterns and things that are obviously H+M: I have a feeling that I won’t see too many people in this town rocking this dress, as it is a pattern and the locals don’t seem to enjoy patterns or prints too much (unless it’s animal, then it’s in, still, apparently), and I don’t think many people in my city have the balls to wear this. It’s not outgoing as a dress at all, but neither are the locals, with the exception of a few people who I happen to know:)

I had a ton of fun pairing the dress with the red jacket and the green boots. I think the entire outfit together is pretty badass. I don’t think I would have even attempted this 3 years ago. I’m growing up!!!

Dress: H+M, Jacket: Victoria’s Secret 2006, Boots: Tamarind (also on sale;)


That’s all for now! Happy dressing 🙂

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