2012 Book 3: The Tripods Trilogy: The White Mountains

Posted on 13.01.2012


3. The Tripods Trilogy: The White Mountains, John Christopher, Jan 13
Happy Friday the 13th! I didn’t realize it was today until the day was nearly over… awesome. I finished this book today after knocking out the last-written prequel first, and it was interesting to read this again after so long. There were things that I remembered, and things that I remembered assuming while reading the first time, and now I can see why there were so many assumptions: so many things AREN’T named or clearly stated in the story, due to ‘lack of knowledge’ on the behalf of the narrator, that you have to make assumptions.

I assumed as a child that the White Mountains were the Alps. That seems to be correct, although NOW after having read both books, I can say that they are the western Alps on the Franco/Swiss border. I imagine that the ‘great city’ was Paris, and that the boys traveled mostly through France, something I don’t remember thinking. I think earlier, I’d thought Switzerland (due to the watches part of the story), although that’s not geographically possible based on the information given in the book. Things I didn’t know as a 4th grader: the difference between the Swiss and French languages! It’s obvious now that the author described France.

That being said, it was a great read and I’m glad that I grabbed the books from the library. I’m hoping the other two are back when I go back now.

Other miscellaneous information pertaining to this story: For as long as I can remember, this story has been associated in my mind with the song Baker Street from Gerry Rafferty. I have no idea why, there is no reason for that song to have that relation to the story. All I can say now, is that in my head, when I hear the background track with the saxophone and piano, that it makes me think of Tripods walking through valleys. Yeah. I don’t know. Regardless of the association, I still love the song.

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