Year 2012, Book 2: When the Tripods Came

Posted on 12.01.2012


2. When the Tripods Came, John Christopher, Jan 11
Remember that thing I wrote about ‘more mature reading material’? Well, that went out the window when I was at the library, searching for some more Franzen books (which was a fruitless search, although I’m sure the books are just being loaned out at the moment) and found the series I read as a child instead. So I grabbed them, the 1988 prequel (this one) and book one of the Tripods trilogy, which I think I read in elementary school. Maybe when I bring them back, the other two will be back. If not, then I’m pretty sure I’ve still got the trilogy in storage in MD.

I have such vivid memories of reading book 1 (the one I’m reading now, not this one), so I was excited to read the author’s stab at what happened ‘before’ all of that. I’d never read this one before, and in reading the synopsis of books 2 and 3, I can’t quite remember THEM, either. This one was also very interesting to read. Even now at 30 years old, I love this story. I love the idea of it. Not that it would be awesome to have the earth taken over by tripods/masters and plunged back into the middle ages, just the sci-fi idea of people who might have resisted, trying to rescue a damn planet…

When I first saw the ‘War of the Worlds’ movie with Tom Cruise that came out a few years ago, my first thought was that those machines looked a LOT like the Tripods from my imagination. And now, looking at the covers and reading the books again, it appears I was right.

Yeah, these are ‘young adult’ books. But so, technically, are the Potter series, Twilight, and Hunger Games. So I don’t feel silly at all reading these, especially when they are so easy to blaze through (I’m averaging one per day).

Did anyone else read these in school? What an interesting series. It’s creepy to think of mass hypnosis as it’s envisioned in this series, and this idea of capping is all-around creepy. I can’t imagine it. Well, I can, but I really don’t want to, because I do actually think it would be AS easy as it was in the books for another species to do this to us.

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