The most recent 3 albums that I can’t stop playing

Posted on 10.01.2012


Thanks to the realization that no one reads my books page unless I update here, I’m applying that knowledge to my other pages. In this case, the music page. If you haven’t checked it out lately, I’m up to album 10 that I’d recommend to anyone that asked:) I’m going to share them here for you, too, in case you don’t want to make that extra click:)

8. Stereo MCs, Emporer’s Nightingale (2011)
I really CAN’T get enough of this album. It’s just effing amazing. I’ve been a fan of the MCs for about 17 years now (I counted) and while there are some albums that are definitely better than others, they never cease to put out something great. I love how they cross lines, borders and genres like no other band can or has the courage to do.

The MCs are a force to be reckoned with. And they’re amazing live. I managed to see them for the new album tour last month and I was NOT disappointed. If you want a good show and tons of dancing, go and see them. And definitely check out their latest installment. It’s truly not to be missed. I can’t stop listening to it. I can’t even choose a favorite song or songs, it’s that good. Well done, men.

Check it out if you like: Any of their previous work, electronic, dance, great lyrics

9. Lamb, (2011)
There are things that you expect from bands, and things that you don’t. I never quite know WHAT to expect from Lamb, but I wasn’t expecting to get an email from them, asking their loving and loyal fans to pre-order an album that wasn’t even made yet, so they could afford to make it. I never expected to be one of those people who supported bands like this, although there was no question that I pre-ordered the album.

As a ‘thank-you’ to all of us crazy loyals, they made a limited edition cover and poster that included all of our names and came in a numbered case. OF COURSE I’d help one of my favorite bands produce their first album in six years, of course. No question. What I got, what we ALL got, in return was nothing short of amazing. This album is not to be missed, and for me it ranks up there with their best work. Also, they’re great live and I would suggest you see them. What an amazing show. This is another album that I listen to repeatedly and keep going back to.

10. Friendly Fires, Pala (2011)
I don’t remember how I found out about them, or who told me to check them out, but I’m so glad that I did. This is such a great album!!!

My favorite tracks are definitely Show Me Lights, Live Those Days Tonight, and the Strangelove cover (originally by the amazing Depeche Mode), which is featured in a Gucci perfume ad. Guilty, maybe.

The whole album is great, but those are my favorite tracks after far too many repeats and listens in a row. This album is a feeling, it’s a state of being, and it was a great way to float through the last few weeks of my boyfriend being in another country on business. I swear, the daydreams that came from this album really did help me through that.

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